Clear 45+ Forms of Childhood Brainwashing Through 56 Generations

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Clear 45+ Forms of Childhood Brainwashing Through 56 Generations


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On Wednesday July 31, 2019: One of the Most Powerful New Moons of the Year, Clear Childhood Brainwashing Passed Down Through 56 Generations

It is extremely difficult to make progress in life without the blessing of the ancestors.

The majority of your thoughts actually come from your ancestors, not your own personal consciousness

The new moon day is the most important day to liberate your ancestors, clear family curses, heal your ancestral wounds, and reclaim your power to live authentically.

If you want to be liberated from our limiting subconscious and inherited belief systems and karma, it is essential for you to perform ancestral karma clearing work this coming Wednesday evening, July 31, on the yearly most-auspicious new moon time for doing ancestral clearing work known in the Vedic calendar as "Aadi Amavasya"

A teacher of mine has recently said that the majority of our thoughts actually come from our ancestors, not from our own personal consciousness. This was totally surprising to me that the influence of what is unresolved in our ancestry could be such a strong influence on us today.

Sure enough, I asked my Higher Guidance about all people currently incarnated on Earth at this time, and about this past 365 days of life, on average what percentage of people's thoughts were based in their own past and present lives versus thoughts based in their ancestry.

The answer I got is that, on average, 60% of most people's thoughts are from their ancestors, and only 40% stem from their own personal soul! So this ancestral influence is so huge!

On this Wednesday's new moon, at 11:11pm New York time (the peak time of the new moon), we will be performing a karma clearing involving you and 56 generations of your ancestors, to clear and resolve 45 forms of childhood brainwashing that are passed from generation to generation, preventing you from accessing your fullest, truest sense of self-esteem, self-worth, and self-power to be, do, and have what you came here for.

We will do this clearing for you, but also for your ancestors. Whatever they clear, you will clear. As soon as even a single one of your ancestors resolves even one held childhood restriction, you will also subconsciously clear the same thing. This clearing is very synergistic.

Will will use ancient and modern karma clearing techniques that I have learned -- and that I have developed -- to hold a powerful space of your clearing at one of the most powerful access time for doing ancestral clearing work of the year.

Here are brief descriptions of the 45 childhood brainwashing clearings we will do for you and 56 generations forward and backwards in time of 236 forms of your lineages (biological, cultural, influences, collective identities, etc.):

  1. old negative beliefs I picked up in childhood that are not mine; "I return to my original innocent Self"

  2. blocks to being fully nurtured and accepted by our tribe, and raised by dysfunctional people, alcoholics, narcissists, addicts, and mentally ill

  3. blocks to feeling safe, loved, accepted, and validated causing us to doubt our right to be happy in life

  4. parental criticism, abandonment, punishment for seeking praise; blocks to feeling "seen" by those who love me

  5. blocks to knowing that we are fundamentally good and blocks to positive validation

  6. parental neglect of fundamentally important issues like cleanliness, stability, love, empathy, proper medical attention, mentally-fit parents, encouragement

  7. psychological abuse, the need to take care of our parents even when we were children

  8. ancestral and parental abuse leading to us fearing to speak our truth

  9. parents incapable of loving me properly -- children ignored, beaten, sexually abused

  10. children taking the blame when parents are drunks, addicts, pedophiles, violent

  11. "children's emotions don't matter" translated now into "I am an unworthy being"

  12. children's hopes and dreams crushed by being taught we are nothing

  13. children afraid and sad, made to stay quiet and small, frozen in survival states, told not to rock the boat, deny my feelings

  14. the denial that my family lived in that made me feel like there was something intrinsically wrong with me

  15. as a child, I assumed everything my parents said was "gospel", and I didn't question their opinions, criticisms, actions, beliefs, or thought processes

  16. our parents as products of a hate-filled childhood, and then passed that onto us

  17. blocks to remembering our need for a material, linear, time-space existence so we can remember our true spiritual nature

  18. it was not our job to prove ourselves worthy of our parents' love; "love is conditional, easily taken away"

  19. it's normal to cry when our emotions are hurt; being shamed for having emotions, scrambling the connection between mind, body, and spirit

  20. my family was not equipped to deliver unconditional love on a consistent basis, causing me to distrust the world, my inner reality, and others

  21. called a brat, selfish, or stubborn when we expressed our will to be independent: blocks to "autonomy is healthy"

  22. being brainwashed to fear being ashamed for stepping outside the box my family lives in; manipulation and control

  23. guilt, shame, indifference, name calling, abandonment, neglect, and physical abuse experienced at home corrupted my ability to develop a healthy sense of autonomy, creating a sense of inferiority

  24. because I did not feel loved at home, I may have engaged in risky behavior; all that risky behavior was a byproduct of feeling misappropriate

  25. when we were children, we did not understand that our inability to trust our parents' love wired us to fear emotional intimacy as adults

  26. perceiving my caretakers' resentment for me may have caused me to feel angry, guilty, and ashamed

  27. I may have dissociated with my emotions as a means to survive my childhood

  28. being raised by giant wounded children, who didn't lovingly midwife each of my developmental stages

  29. being ignored or bullied at home caused me to fear trusting others, thus impacting my ability to see myself as worthy of friendships

  30. our brains were not fully developed as children, but were brainwashed by the opinions, beliefs, and actions of those around us

  31. how my parents related to each other imprinted my concept of love now; if I observed mind games, manipulation, enabling, drugging, lying, cheating, and indifference, I have to remind myself to renegotiate my concept of love

  32. living as if I am not in control of my reality

  33. my brain making associations between pain and fantasy, escaping from my realities rather than facing my circumstances

  34. being treated unfairly by authority figures imprinted as a staple fear into my subconscious, due to how adults abused their power over me when I was a child

  35. honoring my siblings' experiences, even if my parents pitted us against each other; seeing my family dynamic from a higher liberating perspective

  36. raised by unpredictable parents, preventing us from feeling secure in our own sense of Self

  37. parents paying attention to us only when we do what they want us to do, developing codependency

  38. my need to feel seen and connected to my parents was healthy; my inability to connect with them was not an indication of my unworthiness

  39. seeking to gain the acceptance of our parents, leading us into psychological mazes filled with angst, desperation, and fear

  40. accepting the shadows in others, so I can learn to also accept the shadows that exist in me

  41. minimizing my pain, thus abandoning myself before anyone else had a chance to, in an attempt to thwart facing the fear of rejection

  42. we are manipulated by the needs of our parents when we are children; it was not my job to take care of my parents

  43. not feeling "seen" by my parents set me up to attract partners, friends, employers, and so on who were incapable of "seeing" me

  44. magical thinking we used when we were children to escape our suffering; trying to "save" our loved ones

  45. I have the right to my own perceptions about my family and what was happening in my home

During this clearing, we will also perform:

  • a Homa clearing and activation with the Archetype known as Karuppasamy, whose energy is elevated on new moon days, and who can reduce hardships, uproot evil and grant justice, and can bless with a happy and peaceful life. "The blessings of Karuppasamy can bring divine justice and quickly drive away dark forces, falsehood, and treachery. Karuppasamy can resolve those problems that most often plague human beings in their desire and need for financial stability and success, relationships, children, employment, career, resolution of disputes, and anything else relating to the myriad conditions affecting human life."

  • According to traditional belief, performing Thila Homa (Ancestral Affliction Pacifier Fire Lab) at Rameshwaram to your ancestors can liberate their souls and bring their blessings for you to progress in life and resolve health, financial, and relationship problems

  • we will perform an energetic version of "tarpanam", the traditional new moon ancestral affliction-removing clearing ritual

  • We will also work through the physical and non-physical DNA and "Soul Genetics" of you and your ancestors to do clearings, healing, repair, and activation through all generations