Liberating 33 Generations of our Ancestors to Help Relieve Present Karmic Problems Caused By "Ancestral Affliction"

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Liberating 33 Generations of our Ancestors to Help Relieve Present Karmic Problems Caused By "Ancestral Affliction"


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It has been said that it is extremely difficult to progress in life without the blessings of our ancestors. If you have been facing chronic struggle that doesn't seem to let up no matter what you do, this new moon ancestral lineage clearing is for you.

Those reading this already know that we have each lived many thousands of previous lifetimes, and the origins to the many kinds of problems we have in this life can be traced back to karma inadvertently created during these lifetimes.

But there is another major aspect to karma -- clearing, liberating, and healing our ancestors, whose often negative limiting influences can be felt and experienced in our lives now as chronic problems, prolonged illnesses, financial instability, communication issues in relationship, and issues related to our children.

You see, we have chosen the particular family lineage we have in this life so that we could work through the exact forms of karmic challenges our ancestors have given us.

We are not so much literally being "cursed" by ancestral karma, as we are being provided with the exact right frequency of karmic material for us to work with and heal in this lifetime. We chose this lineage, so and it is important for us to keep choosing to empower ourselves, rather than getting beaten down by life's karmic challenges.

We have a grand opportunity here to heal our entire lineage, and this clearing (as well as the other clearings I will be doing on new moons throughout this year) will provide us with a massive positive acceleration of resolving, healing, clearing, and transmuting negative ancestral inherited karma of all kinds.

All of us carry the physical genetics of our ancestors, but we also carry the "soul genetics".

We are blessed by the victories our ancestors had, but we are essentially cursed by the unresolved, unhealed karma our ancestors had. This karma is now our karma, and it is presenting as chronic problems of all kinds in our lives now, especially problems that are not easily solvable by regular human means.

This does not mean that we should blame our ancestors for our limitations in life, but it does mean that we need to take responsibility to work through the karmic issues we have inherited. Just by you reading this text right now, it means that you are sufficiently evolved to resolve all of your ancestral karma in this very lifetime. You wouldn't be attracted to this kind of work if you weren't.

Our ancestors are closest in vibration to the earthplane during each month's new moon time, and so this time is the most energetically-potent time to resolve ancestral karma.

There are a few new moons in 2019 that stand out because of their particular auspiciousness for allowing unusually deep ancestral karma clearing work to happen.

Monday, February 4 is the first of these dates in 2019. It is referred to in the tradition of South India as "Thai Amavasya", and is associated with having the potential to help ancestors to become spiritually liberated, thus lifting karmic weight from your life, and helping you and your children to live more abundantly and freely.

My guidance is suggesting to me that we will select 33 specific generations of your ancestors to connect with during this February 4 new moon clearing. What we will do for you and 33 generations of your ancestors (and 33 generations of your descendants) during this group clearing:

  • resolve the bad karma of our ancestors

  • clear negative ancestral influences and inherited curses

  • work with Spirit to help resolve as many of our ancestors' own full past lives as possible

  • "feed" our ancestors with special prayers of appreciation and love

  • resolve "pitru dosha" which is a form of ancestral affliction due to not previously performing ancestral clearing work

resolve the following 20 ancestral karmic programs for us and for our lineage:

  1. life must be hard

  2. life is suffering

  3. life is full of problems

  4. God hates me

  5. I have been evicted from Paradise and cast our of "Heaven"

  6. there isn't enough for me

  7. life isn't safe

  8. disease is inevitable

  9. we all must eventually die of disease

  10. I can never make enough money

  11. conflict is inevitable and ever-present

  12. you shouldn't get to enjoy the work you do

  13. "I wish my child to be exactly like me" (with all my flaws)

  14. "I cannot make more money than my parents"

  15. "I cannot enjoy better health than my parents"

  16. "I cannot discover and enjoy my life purpose more than my parents"

  17. life is a struggle

  18. life is stressful

  19. life is imbalancing

  20. I can only manifest through constant pain, suffering, and conflict

We are going to then clear into and install positive karmic patterns for you and your ancestors, including:

  1. my lineage only expresses the higher qualities of health, wholeness, abundance, joy, fulfillment, and success

  2. I am engaged with life

  3. my path is clear

  4. I am willing to be seen

  5. I am in touch with my gifts

  6. I am open to the full energetic potential of my unique soul's purpose

  7. I am in alignment with my purpose

  8. I am safe in Life, and the Universe loves and supports me in every way.

  9. longevity and health clearing

  10. physical body is a safe place to be

  11. my relationship are harmonious

  12. acceptance of this incarnation as essentially Good