Request a Personal Clearing Session for a Friend or Family Member


Very often, I am contacted by people who would like to order a personal clearing/healing session for a friend or family member.

Often, I hear from a parent requesting clearing for their child. But other scenarios are frequently presented to me as well.

Because of the sensitive nature of my work, I will consider doing work on behalf of a friend or family member only on a case-by-case basis.

I have seen significant transformation when this type of session is done with great spiritual care, even with the friend or family member isn't consciously aware the clearing is happening.

Do I need permission of the person the session is for?

If you are thinking of purchasing a session with me for someone else, ideally I would prefer the other person be consciously aware the work is happening.

Sometimes, in the cases of children, the elderly, or various types of emergency and special situations, it's not possible to get conscious permission. This doesn't mean that clearing cannot be done for the individual, but it is important for me to connect with that individual's spirit to see if they would be willing--at least at a subconscious level--to receive the work.

I have set up the form below for you to fill out with the relevant information about the person you would like to request a session for.

Once you fill out the form, I will check in with that individual's spirit and get back to you with the following:

  • Whether the individual gives permission for me to work with them
  • If I feel I can be helpful to the person, based on a brief initial reading of their energy

I also recommend you first click here to read my general information page about personal sessions.

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