Full Moon & Solstice Clearing: Don't start the new year with last year's karma!

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Full Moon & Solstice Clearing: Don't start the new year with last year's karma!


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Much as the beginning of a new year is about starting over, the ending of a year is about reflecting and clearing out the old.

Unless we are highly practiced in the art of meditation, and are basically at the level of a guru, we have unconsciously set in motion many patterns during 2018 that are working against us.

You see, whenever we react strongly to internal or external conditions through fear, anger, anxiety, and guilt, unless we fully process that energy immediately, we actually end up creating new bad karma, making it even more difficult for us to succeed and feel great in the future.

This isn't about punishment. This isn't because you aren't "good enough". This is about your power to create, and to get amazing feedback based on what you set in motion -- whether what you set in motion is accidental or intentional.

I have specifically chosen the time of 12:45pm New York time on Saturday December 22 to do a group clearing for you. This catches the wave of the solstice energy we are in now, and aligns with the peak energy of the final full moon for 2018.

This is a perfect time to open your soul records, and to examine, clear, and resolve all the patterns you have inadvertently set in motion in just this past year.

Our clearing is going to work with resolving patterns of creation through fear, lack, limitation, "shoulds", and separation from Spirit. We are going to look at (and karmically resolve) how these patterns run through the life structures of money, personal identity, relationships, creativity, and health.

All of this energy, if we continue to hold it, will only take us deeper into confusion, and the feeling that life isn't working for us.

In Saturday's clearing, we are also going to:

  • identify and clear negative karma you have been creating over 2018

  • identify and clear patterns and addictions your soul may have to creating the same problems over and over again

  • identify and clear unfinished karmic interactions you have created in 2018 with family, friends, and others

  • resolve all karmic patterns that your soul has become available to resolving in 2018 simply due to you growing on your spiritual path (just by meditating, reading spiritual books, serving, or doing other forms of spiritual work, your soul brings to the surface many karmic patterns -- we will resolve those in this clearing)

  • clear new limiting karmic potentials and timelines you have created in 2018 that may be keeping you creating in the "wrong direction"

  • work with the Ascended Masters to help empower you, raise your vibration further, and to stabilize a higher level of consciousness within you as you exit 2018

I strongly urge you to sign up for this clearing -- and include your family. Your family does not have to be consciously aware the clearing is happening for them to benefit.