New Year Full Moon Intention Empowerment & Clearing

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New Year Full Moon Intention Empowerment & Clearing


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Each year, many people set intentions for what they want to accomplish in the new year.

This new year 2018 (or whenever you find this recording), why not set your intentions AND work with the power of your Higher Intelligence to clear away the subconscious and karmic limitations that may prevent you from manifesting them!

In most situations, the major reason why we don't manifest what we desire is because we are actually blocking or limiting the power of the manifestation by holding unresolved issues at the subconscious/past-life level.

In this full moon new year's group clearing, I asked our group to specify lots of intentions they wanted to be empowered in their consciousness for the new year and beyond.

We included such things as "I am prosperous and supplied with every good thing", or "My body manifests radiant health and wholeness" and "My relationships are harmonious".

Together, we are going to resolve everything available from your subconscious that may block these spiritual intentions from manifesting into experiential form in your life this year.

This group clearing lasts approximately 60 minutes.