Wesak Full Moon Karma Clearing 2019: ”Clear Your Ability to Manifest”: The Most Important Date of the Year for Removing Blocks to Enlightenment

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Wesak Full Moon Karma Clearing 2019: ”Clear Your Ability to Manifest”: The Most Important Date of the Year for Removing Blocks to Enlightenment


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Wesak Full Moon Karma Clearing: ”Clear Your Ability to Manifest”

The Most Important Date of the Year for Removing Blocks to Enlightenment

Today's Specific Astrology Specifically Offers You "The Power to Manifest What You Seek"

The power to manifest our desires on Earth depends largely on how receptive we are to Divine Energies, and then how willing we are to allow those Energies to inspire us into co-creative, non-resistant grounded action.

We aren't fully receptive, not because we have any lack of wanting more good in our lives!

We often aren't fully receptive because we have accumulated fear-based reactionary programming over the course of many lifetimes, and that accumulation makes it harder for our sincere desires to actually be "heard" and answered by the Universe now.

That reactionary programming is called karma, and at every opportunity, for as long as it's operating in your consciousness, it continually needs to be cleared.

This particular full moon is known as Wesak, which is the traditional date on which the Buddha was born, later reached enlightenment, and on the same date later in life, eventually transitioned into the non-physical.

The date is symbolic of the enlightenment process itself, and is filled with available Divine Energy to empower our fuller understanding of Spirit. When celebrated with spiritual clearing and activation work, the energy of this day can propel us forward into a Higher Consciousness of Spirit for the new year ahead, and beyond.

This date also coincides with the symbolic birthday of the ancient Archetypal Being known as Muruga, whose energy destroys dark forces that block spiritual and material progress, and that ordinary human consciousness cannot eliminate on its own.

An Archetype's birthday is determined by precise astrology, and is the most essential day of the year to connect with that Being's Consciousness, and to receive his blessings.

Muruga's birthday is indicated astrologically when the full moon aligns with the star known as Vishaka, setting the stage for those who take advantage of spiritual clearing work at this time to defeat negativity of all kinds, multiply abundance, overcome negative emotions, and specifically to "manifest what you seek".

During this clearing, we will:

  • clear karmic blocks to your enlightenment, including egoic attachment, & fear of loss and change as you evolve

  • enlarge your energetic capacity to hold the fullness of earthly body, purpose, and mission -- and to simultaneously hold the higher frequencies of ascension, Spirit, and enlightenment

  • resolve ancestral blocks to enlightenment -- ancestral curses -- going back 37 generations

  • resolve your karmic blocks to the full realization of the ancient sacred Muruga hymn "Subramanya Pancharatnam", clearing your path to wish fulfillment and physical manifestation

  • resolve your karmic blocks to full consciousness of the "Shanmuga Mantra", whose energy dispels bad karma, overpowers enemies and threats, bestows longevity, and brings good health

  • resolve your consciousness into alignment with Vishaka (the star energy of the day), and the specific Divine quality known as "Vyapana Shakti", meaning "the power to manifest what you seek"

  • the qualities of Vishaka which we will be activating in your consciousness include: decisiveness, dedication, goal-orientation, increased energy for life, increased strength and power, greater clarity in speaking, and greater skill at making money

  • resolve negative influences that are blocking you, resolve evil eye, curses, dark forces, and resolve the karma of confusion, depression, and illness

  • clear blocks and activate within you Muruga's blessings of precise thinking, courage, strength, and self-confidence, particularly in your profession

  • activate and resolve your consciousness through all past lives into the "6 Ancient Archetypal Faces/Attributes of Muruga": Jnana (wisdom), Vairagya (detachment), Bala (strength), Keerti (good reputation), Shree (wealth), Aishwarya (divine powers)

After we clear "higher" blocks to enlightenment and to allowing in a higher vision for your potential, we are then going to work with 6 classic Muruga temples and powerspots, each of which represent his "Divine Abodes" and that correspond to specific empowerments of your first 6 chakras. These 6 temples are literal physical spaces in modern India, whose energy we will be invoking to aid the depth of our clearing.

We do this work so that you aren't simply doing disembodied ascension work in higher realms only, but so that you can also sense Divine Consciousness sustaining your human potential to manifest your divine purpose here and now, on Earth.

Here are the 6 classic temples we will be working with in this section of the clearing, to help bring "down" the Divine Energy into your body and physical world:

  1. Pazhamudhirsolai, representing the 3rd eye chakra

  2. Thiruthani, representing the throat chakra

  3. Swamimalai, representing the heart chakra

  4. Palani representing the solar plexus chakra

  5. Thiruchendur, representing the sacral chakra

  6. Thirupparankundram, representing the root chakra

The use of these ancient essential Muruga powerspots in clearing work is said to:

  • remove all kinds of obstacles in life

  • bring success in education and work life

  • clear confusion, anger, and fear

  • activate well-being, longevity, and prosperity

  • bless with good relationship and progeny karma

  • fulfill desires and wishes

  • resolve all forms of planetary and astrological karma

Do not miss this most important full moon of the year for ascension work!

And let’s be sure your higher spiritual work gets embodied here on Earth!