Clearing Suicide Karma: Full Moon Clearing Session

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Clearing Suicide Karma: Full Moon Clearing Session


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I don't want to scare you by presenting this topic. I know it can be triggery for some, and I apologize if I am doing that.

Literal present suicidal energy is something to seek professional help for immediately.

But from the perspective of your infinite soul's history, yes, there may have been suicidal energy or action literally present there.

What is most relevant now however is the impact this unresolved past energy may still be having on your life in subtle or major ways.

What is your experience of life right now? Is life easy for you, effortless, abundant, and joyful? Do you feel easily able to receive inspiration and convert that into action and fulfillment?

You see, the energy of suicide as a type of soul karma can restrict our present life from feeling purposeful, like we can't really get grounded with our purpose and mission, and that we don't really feel optimistic. We may not feel deep in our bones that Life is fundamentally good and that the Universe has "got our back" every step of the way. We can't really see our self completing projects, we don't have positive expectations of the future, we feel blocked before we start.

Carrying suicide karma established in past lives can manifest as all of these qualities.

On the full moon (the date chosen for this clearing), the maximum amount of programming will be "up" for each of us. The moon represents our mind and emotions, and that is why the full moon can be so intense for many people. That is why we're doing this clearing on this date.

One thing that I've never done in a group clearing before is to work with Spirit to resolve and clear as many full lifetimes for each of us where we have committed suicide (or wanted to). This alone can be a huge relief. But then we are going to clear blocks to fully embracing such life-affirmation statements as: I want to be here fully, I want to live my soul's purpose here on Earth, I fully accept this incarnation as Good, I know I am here for a higher purpose, Life is fundamentally Good, life is for me and not against me, I honor my commitment to prosper, heal, and rise in consciousness through this human incarnation.

If you are experiencing any limitations in life, you are going to definitely want to join me for this clearing. Please be sure to include your family as well.