Resolve the Most Intense "Worst Karma" Lodged in the Second Chakra

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Resolve the Most Intense "Worst Karma" Lodged in the Second Chakra


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Tues, March 12:  Resolve the Most Intense "Worst Karma" Lodged in the Second Chakra

In 2019, I am offering several group clearings that involve the most intense kind of past-life (or present-life) karma one can have.  This March 12 clearing is the first of a series of 3 clearings all focused on resolving the worst karma -- karma that involves or gets deposited into the second chakra.

So many themes of life and of spiritual evolution directly involve the second chakra (located just below the navel): sexuality, creativity, inner power, spiritual potential as represented by the kundalini energy, relationships, being in the flow, and others.  It's no wonder that some of the most challenging experiences we have had in this and other lifetimes can negatively affect this area.

This energy center is the karmic storehouse for bad karma of all kinds: extreme and intractable poverty, bad business karma, debt karma, and sexual karma.  Situations of deep and often extreme trauma created this kind of karma, and now, by retaining this unresolved karma in the soul and in the second chakra, it can feel very difficult to pull out of it.  It can feel like we are trying everything in our power to change our situation, and yet nothing works.

This clearing is being scheduled at a very precise timing, to help us go deep into resolving this worst karma.  March 12 is a Tuesday, which is an auspicious day for Mars.  It is also aligned with the 6th waxing moon phase, which is an auspicious day for Muruga, the archetypal energy that can help us resolve the karma of these issues.

In this clearing, we are going to:

  1. In this clearing, you will clear millions of traumatic past-life karmic programs, while likely resolving at least several of the most problematic past lives you have had.

  2. resolve bad job karma

  3. clear karma that is restricting your business

  4. clear karma that created debts for you and is making it hard to resolve them

  5. resolve past-life poverty, extreme poverty, and how this karmic weight is making it more difficult for you to succeed in this life

  6. resolve sexual karma of all kinds

  7. Accessing one of the most powerful temple powerspots on the planet -- one of the 6 main Muruga temples, and working with the energy there for clearing

  8. resolving as many of the full past lives you had where you had these experiences at all

  9. do a karmic clearing of the 6 mantras represented by the 6 petals of the second chakra

  10. working with the angels and etheric healing teams to repair the energy of the second chakra, and to repair and heal all associated physical anatomy and physiology

  11. karma clearing with an ancient Divine Archetype known as Muruga to resolve the 6 internal karmic sins: anger, delusion, arrogance, lust, avarice, envy

  12. resolving karma blocking the full auspicious realization of the 108 astrological names of planet Mars

  13. resolving blocks and "installing" the consciousness of the 16,000 verse karma-clearing hymn "Thiruppugazh", to help us get to the root of these karmic issues

  14. resolving the karma preventing realization of the 108 ancient mantras associated with Muruga