All March Relationship Clearings (discounted)


All March Relationship Clearings (discounted)

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This option includes all 3 group clearings for March, 2018.  They will all be done remotely on your behalf, recorded, then emailed to you within a day or two after the clearing.

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Signing up using this link will sign you up for 3 group clearings taking place during March, 2018.

These will include:

March 1 (full moon): Clearing for your Children, You, and Your Relationships with Them

March 17 (new moon): Clearing Relationships to Our Mothers

March 31 (full moon): Clearing Relationships to Our Fathers

You can use the single participant option to sign just yourself up (but this will include all of your children as well), or you can used the enhanced option to sign up yourself, your children, romantic partners, and any other friends and family (up to 5) for all 3 clearings.