Clearing Suicide Karma (Oct 24)

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Clearing Suicide Karma (Oct 24)

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This is a group clearing event happening remotely on October 24, 2018. You do not need to do anything other than sign up. Your receipt is your confirmation that you will be included. There are no numbers to call and nothing further you need to do on the date of the clearing. Everything will be recorded, and emailed to you in audio format within 24 hours.

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In my spiritual research, I have found that most people have committed suicide in at least some of their past lives.

Not only that, but I have worked with clients who committed suicide in most of their past lives.

Can you imagine what an effect that kind of karma could be having on the current lifetime, limiting our ability to accomplish our full potential?

Yes, this kind of karma can lead to suicidal ideation in this life. But it can also work at much more subtle levels in which our true spiritual potential to activate our unique gifts, to proper, to heal, to love -- all of these things can be "killed" by this karmic suicide energy.

Spiritually-speaking, the energy that leads people to suicide is similar to the energy that leads people into drug addiction. People want to be released from their pain, and they associate their pain with their perceptions and their life experience. So the desire to get out of pain can be so strong, anything will be considered to help alleviate the pain, even it's harmful.

The pain of incarnation is very real. It's true that we all chose to be here, but it may have taken us hundreds or thousands of lifetimes to come to a place where we are truly ready to engage consciously with our spiritual evolution.

On the full moon (the date chosen for this clearing), the maximum amount of programming will be "up" for each of us. The moon represents our mind and emotions, and that is why the full moon can be so intense for many people. That is why we're doing this clearing on this date.

One thing that I've never done in a group clearing before is to work with Spirit to resolve and clear as many full lifetimes for each of us where we have committed suicide (or wanted to). This alone can be a huge relief. But then we are going to clear blocks to fully embracing such life-affirmation statements as: I want to be here fully, I want to live my soul's purpose here on Earth, I fully accept this incarnation as Good, I know I am here for a higher purpose, Life is fundamentally Good, life is for me and not against me, I honor my commitment to prosper, heal, and rise in consciousness through this human incarnation.

If you are experiencing any limitations in life, you are going to definitely want to join me for this clearing. Please be sure to include your family as well.