Friday, Nov 16: 3 Clearings in 1! Communication, Wealth, and Intimacy: 3 Auspicious Timings Collide


Friday, Nov 16: 3 Clearings in 1! Communication, Wealth, and Intimacy: 3 Auspicious Timings Collide

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This is a group clearing event. There is nothing more you need to do other than sign up. Your receipt is your confirmation. The clearing will be performed entirely remotely on your behalf, recorded, then emailed to you in audio format typically within 24 hours after it’s scheduled to happen.

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On Friday, November 16, 3 particular important astrological timings coincide.  I have chosen to do a group clearing on this day that will address all 3 points.

First, Mercury is going retrograde again on November 16.  Even if you don't know much about astrology, you probably have heard about the 3 week period in which Mercury's motion seems to go retrograde 3-4 times per year.  Mercury retrograde is one of the most feared and talked-about events each time it happens.

Mercury governs communications of all kinds, so this timing is associated with computer breakdowns, problems with business, arguments, traffic issues, emails getting lost, issues with contracts and legal documents, car troubles, and other forms of relationship miscommunications.

My experience with the intersection of spiritual clearing work and astrology reveals that such problems are never being caused by astrology itself, but rather the astrology is revealing the unresolved issues within our own consciousness, and those are more able to outpicture as disruptive life circumstances during these special timing.

So the first part of this clearing is going to focus on resolving Mercury retrograde karma within you, so that this period can go better for you, and that the communication issues Mercury represents can be more resolved in your life in general.

Secondly, Friday is the last "Vishnupati" event happening in 2018.  This event occurs quarterly, when the Sun moves into a "fixed" sign.  In this case, the sun is moving into Scorpio (according to the Vedic calendar).  Vishupati is a potent astrological timing that is sacred to the energy archetypes known as Vishni and Lakshmi.  These archetypes are the embodiment of sustained wealth.  We are going to clear and activate you into a full realization of their 108 mantras, and clear blocks to sustained wealth in your life experience.

And lastly, Venus is going back direct, after also being retrograde for 6 weeks.  Venus is a planet associated with wealth, and so this part of the clearing will intensify the wealth energy we are already working with as part of the Vishnupati clearing.

But Venus also represents relationships and romance past and present.  When Venus is in retrograde, old unfinished business with our exes may surface, and turbulence and intimacy issues in our current relationships may come more to the surface.  During this part of the clearing, we are going to work on resolving the old relationship patterns that have come to the surface during the preceding Venus retrograde period, so that you can feel more resolved and empowered moving forward.