Mon, June 3: Saturn's Birthday and New Moon: The Ultimate Saturn Karma Clearing for You and 45 Ancestral Generations of Intractable, Long-Term, Chronic Problems

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Mon, June 3: Saturn's Birthday and New Moon: The Ultimate Saturn Karma Clearing for You and 45 Ancestral Generations of Intractable, Long-Term, Chronic Problems

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This is a remote group clearing, and will be performed on your behalf. You do not have to do anything else other that sign up.  There are no numbers to call.  This work will be done remotely.  You do not have to be lying still at a particular time.  I will record the whole clearing in audio format, then email you the clearing generally within 24 hours.  I do it this way to make it easier for people all over the world to do this work.  When you take the time to listen to the recording, that is the time you will feel the most powerful impact of the clearing.

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If you feel like you need "relief" from something long-term, this Saturn clearing is for you.

I know it seems like I focus a lot on Saturn in my group clearings.  And I do.  It's because Saturn represents long-term problems, lessons, and chronic conditions like continuous misfortune, chronic illness, addictions, and bad luck.

Most people who contact me for clearing work are suffering from these issues at some level.

In the ancient astrology of India, Saturn is considered the most important planet.  If your relationship with him is resolved and clear, you can experience long-life, wealth, fulfillment of your desires, and success in all your do.

If your relationship with Saturn is unresolved and full of past-life karma, you can experience legal challenges, slow or blocked progress, accidents, financial losses and waste, false accusations and family relationship troubles -- problems that seem intractable to deal with from just our limited human perspective.

You see, the energy of Saturn is involved with every case of something feeling long-term and unavoidable.  Ultimately, he is a teacher, and helps us learn life's lessons, and to develop compassion and discipline.  But Saturn is a karmic planet, and most people have brought tons of unresolved karma in this life.  You are here to transmute that karma, to resolve it, so that you can experience life as joyous.  This clearing can help you do that.

A teacher of mine said that we have 2 choices in life: we can either live through the experience of our karma, and try to resolve it by having lots of ongoing difficult experiences that we struggle through -- or we can use spiritual clearing technologies to transmute, resolve, and clear our old karma.  The choice is ours.  I say that we've really suffered enough -- let's accelerate our evolution by clearing our karma now.

Remember --- "God" does not keep a record of your karma.  But you do.  There is no "law" of karma that you somehow have to fulfill in order to balance the scales of justice.  As soon as you are ready to wake up from your karma, Spirit lets you know that It's been waiting for you for eons of time to come back into the realization of your True Freedom.

From Spirit's perspective, there is no karma.  Karma is just an accumulation of a false belief system we individually and collectively have bought into.  So Spirit is always ready and willing to help us be free.  We don't have to beg or plead.  So we can clear your karma by using the right spiritual technologies, delving into the deepest recesses of your accumulated soul consciousness, and asking for the energy to be resolved.

I use a combination of ancient and modern spiritual technologies to be able to access and resolve your karma, since so much of this energy is "hidden" somewhere in our consciousness.  It's hard to access it directly through ordinary human means, but it's still constantly influencing us from behind-the-scenes.

In this Saturn clearing, taking place on the one new moon of the year that is indicated astrologically as "Saturn's Birthday", I am going to throw every Saturn clearing strategy at you that I can to maximize the breadth and depth of this clearing.  New Moon days are also the best days to do ancestral clearing work.

Saturn's Birthday is the most auspicious day of the year to connect with Saturn and clear Saturn-based karma.  In this clearing, we are going to work with ancient gods and masters and high-energy power vortexes (ancient temples) on Earth where high Saturn-resolution consciousness is plentiful.

Since this date is also a new moon, it is a day of prime importance to do ancestral karma clearing work as well.  I am being guided to work with 45 generations of your ancestors and descendants, as well as your own personal karma.  By participating in this work, you will be participating in your own liberation and the liberation of thousands of your soul-relatives.

In this clearing, we are going to resolve as much of the Saturn-based past and present-life karma you and 45 generations of your ancestors and descendants have that may be causing (or causing the potential for):

  • extreme difficulties and miseries

  • misfortune and bad luck

  • disappointments and anxieties

  • accidents

  • drug addiction

  • imprisonment (including the karma of incarceration established in past lives)

  • chronic illnesses, especially involving the lungs, stomach, and legs

  • slow progress due to obstacles, and curtailed progress

  • legal challenges

  • conflicts with neighbors and relatives

  • betrayal and false accusation

  • financial losses and wasted money

  • job loss, career instability, and unfavorable career changes

We're going to resolve Saturn-based karmic blocks preventing clear experiences for you of:

  • long life

  • success and gains in your desires and aspirations

  • attainment of higher position in your profession

  • reaching your spiritual goals

  • achieving your wealth goals

  • good reputation

  • profit gains from sale of property

  • sudden positive gains

  • success in higher education

  • the development of compassion, righteousness, duty-consciousness, discipline, and responsibility

Many of the following vortexes, mantras, and protocols for clearing have been sourced from the great Vedic tradition, where specific technologies have been practiced for thousands of years to precisely access deep clearing states.  I combine these technologies with my own modern methods.

During this clearing, we are going to access the sacred karma-clearing energies of 8 great sacred powerspots for Saturn to amplify the depth of our Saturn karma clearing work:

  1. Thirukollikadu:  Saturn's form here is referred to as 'Pongu Saneeswarar', or the one who blesses abundantly

  2. Thirunaraiyur: Saturn is known here as Mangala Shani, the one who bestows auspiciousness, ample wealth, and sound health

  3. Cholapuram Kailasanathar: Saturn and Shiva's energies are invoked here for relieving Saturn karma

  4. Thirukodikaval: Shiva's energy here mitigate the ill effects of Saturn karma

  5. Mayuranathar: Saturn's form here is as 'Jwala Shani' or 'Saturn with fire on his head'.  Shiva helps to mitigate Saturn's karmic influence here.

  6. Adhi Kumbeshwarar: Working with Shiva at this temple mitigates Saturn karma and blessings with better career prospects and promotions

  7. Thiruvalanchuzhi: Working with Saturn in this temple can boost career and heal physical illness

  8. Ekambareswarar: Saturn connects with the Goddess in this temple to help alleviate suffering and past-life karma

We are going to utilize the power of several Saturn mantras, and resolve your consciousness into alignment with their deep clearing potential:

  • Three Powerful Saturn "seed" mantras, amplifying Saturn's blessings

  • Two Saturn "Gayatri" mantras, clearing dejection, depression, and demotivation

  • Laghunyasam Rudra Prasnam

  • Chamaka Prasnam

  • Rudra Trishati (300 names of Rudra)

  • Narasimha Stotram (Hymn in Praise of Narasimha)

We are also going to be working with the consciousness of several ancient masters/archetypes to deepen our Saturn-clearing potential:

  • Hanuman, the great monkey god whose energy pacifies Saturn

  • Ayyappa, who controls the ill effects of Saturn

  • Karuppasamy, whose energy relieves Saturn problems

  • Dharmasastha, the god of jusutice, who helps mitigate malefic effects of Saturn

  • Narasimha, the guardian angel who comes to rescue people in difficulty

  • Prajapati / Yama, Patron Deity of Saturn