Mon, Oct 7: Slay Your Inner Demons of Suffering, Awaken Your Divine Nature of Compassion, Prosperity, and Peace, as we Perform 31 Karma Clearings on The Most Important Goddess Night of the Year


Mon, Oct 7: Slay Your Inner Demons of Suffering, Awaken Your Divine Nature of Compassion, Prosperity, and Peace, as we Perform 31 Karma Clearings on The Most Important Goddess Night of the Year

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This is a group clearing. There is nothing more you need to do other than to sign up. You receipt is your confirmation that you will be included. There is nothing you need to do on the date and time of the clearing. Everything will be done remotely, recorded, then the recording emailed to you generally within 24 hours of it being performed.

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The world needs an awakening of consciousness that can only happen by getting in touch with the Divine Feminine. The Divine Feminine represents overcoming ignorance through fierce love, solving problems by tearing down the false pretentious idols of greed, ignorance, and inequality, and coming back to a strongly heart-centered, rooted innate Divine Intelligence that overcomes all the seeming powers of poverty, war, hatred, and violence by standing strong in Its own Divine Truth.

Sound like something the world needs right now? I would claim that this is something we each personally could use right now too, because this power needs to be accessed within us first, and as this power awakens, our own personal problems of suffering, diseases, and lack can also be solved.

One of the Goddess Forms we will be working with in our upcoming group clearing of October 7 is known as Durga. Her name means "fortress". Her mythology tells us that after years of senseless violence, the male gods finally decide to seek her out. Durga enters the scene as the Compassionate Mother, and the Fiercely Protective Female Warrior, and quickly ends the conflict by slaying the false demons of ignorance and restoring harmony.

It's only when the Power of the Goddess awakens within us that we can awaken enough Divine Intelligence to know how to solve our problems. It's only when the fierceness of Divine Compassionate Love awakens that demons of ignorance (aka, karma and false beliefs) can be destroyed so that the Real Divine States of prosperity, healing, and peace can be revealed.

It is only when these demons are slayed that the second Goddess whom we will work with in this clearing can awaken: Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess of Wealth. She already exists as a Divine Quality within each of us, but cannot awaken if she is surrounded by ignorance and karma. She is the Innate Power within you to have all of your needs met. This is your natural state of being, if it's not interrupted with ignorance of your True Nature. In this part of the clearing, we will clear karma, and invoke and awaken the power of Lakshmi, Goddess of All-Needs-Met within you. The consciousness of wealth needs to be awakened within you before it will show up in your life.

It is only through this purification process of slaying inner demons through Durga, then awakening All-Needs-Met consciousness through Lakshmi, that the third Goddess can be invoked, Goddess Saraswati. This Goddess is the Consciousness of Divine Knowledge, spiritual insight, mental purity, and the ability to express divine consciousness in your words and life purpose.

Isn't this what we're all looking for? Connecting purely to the deepest divine parts of ourselves, while continually having all our needs met, then expressing our unique gifts authentically in service to the planet. This progressive unfolding is what this clearing, happening at the most blessed point of the traditional 9-day festival known as Navaratri helps us to attain.

This clearing will include:

Clearing and Activating you to Several Ganesha forms, to remove obstacles as we begin this clearing:

  • Sankashta Hara Ganapati: This Ganesha form removes obstacles, is the commander of the forces that clear karma, contains the activations needed to begin spiritual word, and can bestow auspiciousness, prosperity, and wish-fulfillment

  • "Ganesha Pancharatnam": We will activate you and clear your karma based on this ancient hymn written by Adi Sankaracharya. Doing this can clear obstacles and suffering, heal dis-ease, and grant liberation

  • Activating "Achirupakkam" Ganesha: enabling success and obstacle-removal for our clearing

We will perform the following Goddess karma clearings and activations (some of the traditional benefits of these activations are included in the descriptions):

For Durga (the fierce goddess form who slays karma and ignorance):

  • Activation and clearing at Sri Raja Durga Powerspot, Thiruvarur: activating obstacle-removal and prosperity

  • Activation and clearing at Vadivudai Amman Powerspot: helps desires to manifest into physical form, and activating "all-needs-met"

  • Activation and clearing at Kathiramangalam Vanadurga Powerspot: relief from life problems, revealing wealth, success, and happy relationships

  • Activation and clearing at Pateeswaram Durga Powerspot: slaying demons of karma and ignorance, remove negative thoughts, granting success in all endeavors

For Lakshmi (the activating goddess form who supplies "all needs met"):

  • Activation and clearing at Thiruninravur Powerspot: wealth, fulfillment of desires, regaining lost wealth

  • Activation and clearing at Thirunaraiyur Powerspot: relief from astrological afflictions from your birth chart

  • Activation and clearing at Nachiar Koil Powerspot: relationship problem clearing and relationship attraction blocks cleared, life purpose and past-life astrological blocks cleared

  • Activation and clearing at Atchaya Lakshmi Powerspot, Kumbakonam: relieving family problems, promting unity, recovering lost wealth, property clearing, reputation clearing

For Saraswati (the goddess principle of supreme knowledge and insight, and expression of your purpose on the planet):

  • Activation and clearing at Saptarisheeswarar Powerspot, Ammachatram: shining the light of your divine giftedness, stability in life purpose

  • Activation and clearing at Saraswati Powerspot, Koothanur: wisdom, insights, success with the "art" of living and the arts in general, higher education, relationship clearing, career advancement

  • Activation and clearing at Sri Vidhya Sarsawati Powerspot, Vargal, Telangana: arts, music, knowledge, and wisdom

  • Activation and clearing Saraswatha Sukta Pushpanjali at Emoor Bhagavati Powerspot in Kerala: wealth, wisdom, happiness, peace, and the fulfillment of desires

Other important Goddess activations and clearings:

  • Activation and Clearing of the hymn "Kadgamala Stotram Parayanam": the 98 goddess aspects to help rejuvenate and alleviate exhaustion

  • Activation and Clearing of the hymn "Lalita Sahasranama", the 1000 names of the Mother Goddess

These 2 clearings alone help to activate success, overcome problems, give protection, activate luck and strength, and help remove all forms of negativity.

  • Activation and clearing of the hymn "Mahalakshmi Ashtakam Parayanam", and ancient Lakshmi hymn to help active her consciousness within you.

  • Activation and clearing of the hymn "Kamalavasini Maha Mantra" to help you gain supreme wisdom and wealth not only financially but intellectually, and to clear bad luck, business failure, problems with bodily organs, affliction from planet Venus

  • Activation and clearing to the goddess Vibareetha Pratyangira Devi to help clear suffering and mental stress, and bestow a shield of prosperity

  • Activation and clearing of the hymns "Saraswati Stotram Parayanam" and "Vidya Saraswati", helping you accomplish goals, activating memory power and clarity of thought, and excellence in communication

  • Activation and clearing based on the Nava Chandi Homa. Chandi is considered the most powerful of all goddesses. This clearing alone can open up new avenues of expression in your personal and professional life.

In this work, we "activate and clear" you to many sacred anciety hymns and chants. We resolve and past and preset-life karma your soul is holding that is preventing you from realizing the consciousness represented by these sacred texts. We are, in effect, instilling the essence of the chants into your soul software, without you having to intellectually understand them or even chant them.

Activation and Clearing with 7 Chakra Goddesses and 2 Supreme Protection Goddesses

We will then be doing further clearing and activation with the 7 goddesses of the 7 body-based chakras, deepening the previous work of this clearing, and integrating a high level of consciousness into your physical world:

  1. Chakra 1, the Root Chakra: Activating and Karma Clearing with Goddess Brahmi. Activating her energy can resolve anxiety, fear, insecurity, and instability, and awaken joy and peace of mind.

  2. Chakra 2, the Sacral Chakra: Activation and Karma Clearing with Goddess Vaishnavi. Activating her energy can awaken creativity, and can help overcome depression.

  3. Chakra 3, the Solar Plexus: Activation and Karma Clearing with Goddess Maheshwari. Activating her energy can awaken will-power, motivation, and confidence.

  4. Chakra 4, the Heart Chakra: Activation and Karma Clearing with Goddess Varahi. Activating her energy can awaken love and compassion.

  5. Chakra 5, the Throat Chakra: Activation and Karma Clearing with Goddess Kaumari. Activating her energy can awaken freedom of communication, and boldness, clearing shyness.

  6. Chakra 6, the Third Eye Chakra: Activation and Karma Clearing with Goddess Indrani. Activating her energy can awaken imagination and clarity of thinking.

  7. Chakra 7, the Crown Chakra: Activation and Karma Clearing with Goddess Chamunda. Activating her energy can remove learning difficulties, dispelling depression and confusion.

  8. Supreme Protection Goddess Vibareetha Pratyangira: Activations shielding you with positivity, peace, prosperity, clearing dark forces, suffering, and mental stress

  9. Supreme Protection Goddess Chandi: Chandi is the Supreme Goddess, and can detroy dark forces blocking your peace and happiness, granting overall prosperity and protection.