Monday, May 6: Once-a-Year Powertime for Non-Declining Wealth


Monday, May 6: Once-a-Year Powertime for Non-Declining Wealth

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Monday, May 6: Once-a-year Powertime for Non-Declining Wealth

No matter our current status in life, we are all here to progressively reveal and reflect Divine Consciousness in all Its manifest ways.  Spirit is simply the Principle -- the very Essence -- of abundance itself.  Spirit is all, It's ever-giving.  It's inexhaustible, never-depleting.  When we activate into It, reveal it as our own life, and flow with Its principles, we see all of our needs met, and we become the instrument through which Spirit meets the needs of others.

It’s harder to express that Abundance Consciousness if we have a build-up of subconscious and karmic programming that restricts, blocks, limits, and contradicts It. We need help to release and resolve that karma, so that we can choose higher in life now.

This particular once-yearly date -- this year on the evening of Monday May 6 -- is referred to in the Vedic tradition as "Akshaya Tritiya"', which means "due to the astrology of this day, the cosmic energy supporting non-depleting, non-declining wealth becomes more available on this month's 3rd moon phase, should we decide to consciously take advantage of it".

Spirit is always doing everything, is always providing everything.  But we are incarnated beings who are participating in the specific energy flows of this Universe.  And so we take advantage of precise astrological timing during which to do clearings.

This clearing is essential yearly work for you to do to improve your wealth consciousness.

Our clearing will clear your karma and help you inwardly realize the power of 6 auspicious special astrological alignments (also called "yogas") all happening also at this exact time, making the energy of wealth creation and consistency stronger:

  1. Alignment (or "yoga") #1: Jupiter and Moon aspecting at this time, bringing forth potential blessings of wealth, fame, and money

  2. Alignment (or "yoga") #2: Moon and Mars aspecting, opening the flow for good life status and riches

  3. Alignment (or "yoga") #3: Jupiter and Mars aspecting, granting high status through one's own efforts and leadership ability

  4. Alignment (or "yoga") #4: Mars and Moon squaring with Jupiter, flowing the power to create good fortune

  5. Alignment (or "yoga") #5: Venus in the 12th house from the Sun, empowering your inner intelligence and relieving obstacles so your hard work can progress

  6. Alignment (or "yoga") #6: Sun, Moon, and Venus are all exalted.  These are the major prosperity planets, can from this position, can activate within you leadership, creativity, and abundance

We’re going to clearing into the 16 Forms of Lakshmi

During this clearing, we are going to all your available personal, planetary, and ancestral karma that blocks your full spiritual realization of the 16 forms of Lakshmi (also called "Shodasa Lakshmi").  Lakshmi is often portrayed as a being, but may also be thought of as the spiritual principle of abundance itself.  When we "worship" Lakshmi through resolving karma blocks to realizing her consciousness as our own, we clear our personal channel for manifesting abundance on Earth.

These are the 16 forms of Lakshmi we will be awakening within your own consciousness:

  1. Sri Dhanalakshmi: Professional gains, manifold income, savings, affluence

  2. Sri Vidhyalakshmi: Education, sharp intellect, reasoning power, artistry, wisdom

  3. Sri Dhanya Lakshmi: Riches, assets, varied acquisitions and adequacy and fullness

  4. Sri Veera Lakshmi: Elimination of delay / confusion / hindrances, courage and conviction, victory, noble living.

  5. Sri Sowbhagyalakshmi: Prosperity and plenty, appreciation, marital harmony and longevity, family unity

  6. Sri Santhana Lakshmi: Progeny, upright and noble children, safe conception and delivery

  7. Sri Karunya Lakshmi: Scholarship, wealth, valor, strength, fame, opportunities, charisma

  8. Sri Mahalakshmi: Removal of ill and evil effects of any nature, conducive surroundings, well-being, auspicious events, marital harmony and divine grace.

  9. Sri Sakthi Lakshmi: Strength of mind, power of understanding, successful efforts, peace and harmony, enlightenment.

  10. Sri Santhi Lakshmi: Analytical acumen, career prospects, creativity, achievements, wise head.

  11. Sri Soundaryalakshmi: Beloved and trustworthy, strong will, united family, public acclaim, progress and plentiful.

  12. Sri Thrishna Lakshmi: All around abundance, vehicular possessions, social acclaim, power and influence.

  13. Sri Santha Lakshmi: Acquisition of landed properties, stability, retrieval of lost goods, bright business prospects, comfort zone.

  14. Sri Keerthi Lakshmi Public distinction, eminence, applause, professional expansion, elevation.

  15. Sri Vijayalakshmi: Removal of hostilities, success, recognition, self-improvement.

  16. Sri Arogya Lakshmi: Health and vitality, longevity, protection against untimely and premature mishaps, active life.

Rather than chanting specific mantras and hymns (as would be done in traditional Vedic rituals), in these clearings, we work with Spirit to resolve our karmic blocks and to spiritually realize the full consciousness of ancient spiritual texts.

So in this clearing, we will be resolving karmic blocks within you to realizing the full spiritual potential of 2 powerful ancient texts:

  • The great 3000-year-old prosperity hymn to Lakshmi "Sri Suktam"

  • The powerful "Kanakadhara Stotram" (Hymn of Praise to Lakshmi), written by the enlightened 8th century saint Adi Shankara

The benefits of resolving blocks to these hymns and realizing their consciousness is said to include: fulfillment of desires, removing ignorance, granting blessings, granting fertility, affluence, fame, and protection of wealth.