Nov 20: Holiday Family, Friends, and "Space" Clearing (Pre-Thanksgiving)

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Nov 20: Holiday Family, Friends, and "Space" Clearing (Pre-Thanksgiving)


This is a remote group clearing event. All you need to do is sign up, and you will be included. There are no phone numbers to call, and nothing you need to do differently on the day of the clearing. Everything will be recorded in audio format, then emailed to you. Listening to the recording is optional.

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Many people gather together with family and friends over the holidays. Though these times can be wonderful for reconnecting with loved ones, the holidays tend to also bring up tremendous amounts of unresolved family patterns and issues, and as these issues arise, it can make holiday times much more stressful.

Much of the stress of holiday gatherings is because we and other friends and family have been holding onto things for years (or even lifetimes), and when we gather back together, those things get triggered and exposed.

The potential for these triggers to be big is only exacerbated by the fact that Thanksgiving this year occurs on the full moon!

In past years, I have offered powerful group clearings around holiday times, and I have heard back from many participants that all of the normal stresses and triggers associated with getting together with friends and families over this time were eliminated.

This holiday season, I am offering 2 such group clearings. This first one takes place on Tuesday, November 20, which is a karmically-auspicious day for doing deep inner work that happens just before the holiday of Thanksgiving that we celebrate here in the US. Even if you don't celebrate this holiday in your country, you are still welcome to participate in this clearing.

During this super concentrated clearing, we will do the following:

  • automatically include you, your friends, and your family who will be gathering during this time

  • do a total space clearing of the location where you will be gathering, including clearing all negative thoughts, unprocessed emotions, entities, external negative influences, raising lifeforce energy, raising the level of consciousness of the space, and preparing the space for love and harmonious interaction

  • We will work to clear as many shared lifetimes you and your family and friends have had together, as well as all triggers, unresolved karmic programs, psychic cords and ties, family curses, ancestral patterns, and other factors that could lead to stress, problems, and blow-ups during your gathering.

I will be doing this clearing at the peak karma-clearing time immediately before Thanksgiving (This is the 13th moon, and is known as “Pradosham” — a prime time each month for deep karma clearing).

The clearing will be recorded, but will only be roughly 30 minutes in length. It is not necessary for you to even listen to the recording if you don't have time.

Take advantage of this potent group clearing, and watch the stress of holiday time melt away.