Resolving & Clearing an Infinite Amount of Karmic Worry, Fear, & Anxiety (May 31 Group Clearing)

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Resolving & Clearing an Infinite Amount of Karmic Worry, Fear, & Anxiety (May 31 Group Clearing)


This is a group clearing, and will be performed for you, your family, friends, and pets on Wednesday evening, May 31, at approximately 8pm Eastern US time.  There is no number for you to call in, and you do not need to do anything special at the time of the clearing.  I will do the clearing remotely, record everything, then email you the recording shortly after the event.  When you listen to the recording, you will feel all the energetic shifts.

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Many of us deal with feeling of fear, worry, or anxiety from time to time.  Some of us deal with these issues seemingly continuously, trying to find empowering ways to get out of what seems like an endless cycle.

You see, these energies are very attractive--in the most destructive sense of that term.  Once we are in the energetic field of fear, worry, or anxiety, some part of us will tend to remain there even after our external circumstances change.

Once we have created unresolved programs of fear, worry, or anxiety, our subconscious takes over from there, replicating the energy we've created, and projecting our resonance with these energies out into resonance with all the things the media tells us to worry about, fears of the unknown, fears of the future, fears of accidents and dis-eases, and perhaps an uncontrollable layer of worry clouding everything we're attempting to do, potentially immobilizing us from utilizing our full Divine Creative Power.

There are important practices for those who struggle with these energies to do consciously, and yet, if our subconscious is packed with these unresolved programs from this and previous lifetimes, it may be difficult to shift our consciousness with present-moment mindfulness activites alone.

Fortunately, through the power of working with our own Higher Intelligence to access our akashic records, we can resolve and clear layer after layer of this programming, and feel equivalently lighter & better, with more freedom to choose our present-moment responses than ever before.

In this group clearing (which will include you, and all friends, family, & pets you indicate to me when you sign up), we will systematically work with your Higher Intelligence to clear and resolve infinitely large amounts of fear, worry, and anxiety you may be unconsciously holding onto around relationship, money, career, health, and spiritual growth.