Special Dec 24 Holiday Group Relationship & Space Clearing

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Special Dec 24 Holiday Group Relationship & Space Clearing


This clearing will be done remotely for you on December 24th, and the recording will be emailed to you later that day.

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In past years, I have offered a special group clearing around holiday times, focusing on space clearing, and clearing unfinished relationship karma you may have with your friends and family.

This work has been very powerful over the years, and has made a significant impact for the many who participated in creating internal and external peace and harmony, to help make the holidays more joyful and fulfilling.

This December 24 clearing will be a general overall clearing of unfinished relationship karma between all the family and friends you specify.

This will be a broad-spectrum group relationship clearing that, based on past years' experiences, may significantly help the holiday season to feel more happy and healthy for you all, especially in your relationships.

We will also focus on the physical environment where you will be spending the holidays.

This part of the clearing will include: releasing all entities & other interfering beings; resolving hexes, spells, curses, and black magic; clearing negative thought forms on people, objects, & space; resolving programs of hate, anger, fear, & self-hatred; clearing dis-ease energy & past trauma held in the space; resolving emotional attachments, raising lifeforce energy; harmonizing the space with love & peace.

I will record this clearing remotely on the morning of December 24, and email it to you that day.  It's not essential that you have the time to actually listen to it -- at least not on that day.  The clearing energy will still be received by all whom you specify.