Tuesday, September 5 Full Moon Clearing: Coming Out of Karmic Relationship

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karmic relationship.jpg

Tuesday, September 5 Full Moon Clearing: Coming Out of Karmic Relationship


This group clearing will be done for you and anyone else you specify on September 5 -- completely remotely, recorded in audio format, then emailed to you within 48 hours.

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Price includes you, your family, and any other friends you'd like to include (you will be prompted to enter this information when you sign up).  There are no phone numbers to call, and you do not need to be still during the time of the clearing.  Everything will be done remotely, recorded, then emailed to you within 48 hours.

The purpose of all of our relationships is for learning, growth, and evolution, so that we can experience more of the Truth of who we are, and fully actualize our purpose individually and in community.  Every relationship we have ever had is a form of soulmate relationship in the sense that all relationships mirror what our soul is working on at the time.

If our relationships are filled with love, fulfillment, support, and the freedom to actualize our spiritual purpose, then we have worked through enough of our past and present life soul programming (our karma) to begin enjoying more of the fruits of our higher connection with Spirit.

Many relationships are fraught with difficulties, however -- anger, hatred, betrayal, and even abuse.  When such elements are still actively being worked through by the soul in certain contexts, we can say that we are in "karmic relationship", meaning that the purpose of the relationship is primarily about overcoming the lower energies of victimization, separation, and ego projection.  This is essential work on the path of fully actualizing ourselves and being able to come into fulfillment through relationship.

For most people, our relationships past and present may be a mixture of the two.  Many have been based in the lower karmic energies, but as we grow and evolve, we begin to see the higher qualities of forgiveness, acceptance, empowerment, fulfillment, & love emerge.

This clearing will focus on the resolving the most essential soul programs you are working on at the time so that you can more easily come out of karmic relationship patterns.