Wed Sept 18: Clearing Heavy Karma and Bringing Relief as Saturn Goes Direct


Wed Sept 18: Clearing Heavy Karma and Bringing Relief as Saturn Goes Direct

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This is a group clearing, and will be performed remotely on your behalf at the specified time and date. There are no numbers to call and nothing more you need to do other than sign up. I will email the recording of the clearing to you generally within 24 hours of its happening.

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Feeling heavy pressure and stress from the Universe, like long-term chronic problems aren't working out, and like you need relief right now? You need to do a Saturn Karma clearing. This coming Wednesday September 18 is the best time for the rest of the year to do it, as Saturn comes out of retrograde and goes direct.

Wednesday, September 18, Saturn goes direct for 128 days. This movement happens once per year. It is a potent and highly-charged date for transmuting bad Saturn karma that is delaying your good.

In this clearing, we will also be clearing for 16 generations of your ancestors and descendants in 235 forms of lineage (biological, adoptive, cultural, religious, gender, race, etc.).

  • If you feel like you just need some relief, especially if your problems are long-term, doing Saturn clearing work is for you.

  • If you feel like you are on the verge of success, but keep getting blocked, doing Saturn karma clearing work is for you.

  • If you have been feeling the heavy pressure of the Universe, having challenges with your job (or with earning a living through any means), or feel like the good you're looking for is being delayed, denied, or withheld, doing Saturn clearing work is for you.

Honoring Saturn's yearly movements into and out of retrograde is an important spiritual task for those who are awakened, because Saturn's movements represent the deepest issues your soul has come here to resolve in this life.

What do you fear the most?

What do you worry about?

What restricts and limits you?

What do you have trouble with?

These are all Saturn issues.

It is important to regularly do Saturn Karma Clearing around these issues.

It is also essential to remember that, just because you struggle with something, that doesn't make you 'bad', unqualified, untalented, or rejected. It just means you have karma that is creating that issue. The issue is symbolic of the karma your soul is trying to clear. So now's your time to clear it!

The deepest issues -- the ones you really struggle with, and that genuinely seem unsolvable -- are deeply rooted in your soul's history, in your past lives and in your ancestral lineages. These issues involve Saturn karma. The more you intervene with spiritual clearing technologies at the optimum times when Saturn's energy is most available, the better your life will become (assuming you also do the conscious work you need to do).

Even though we are focused on clearing Saturn Karma in this event, my guidance suggests to me that we are in effect clearing karma associated with all planets and astrological configurations.

We use Saturn as the jumping-off point, because he represents the most severe, most difficult, and most past-life-originating of the planets. But when we clear Saturn karma, the other planets become more beneficial for us as well.

All you have to do is sign up for this clearing. Then I will work with your energy at the most optimum time, and we will clear as much Saturn karma as possible for you.

In this clearing, we are going to resolve as much of the Saturn-based past and present-life karma you and 16 generations of your ancestors and descendants have that may be causing (or causing the potential for) the following Saturn-based issues:

  • depression

  • dejection

  • demotivation

  • self-limiting beliefs

  • energetic debts

  • emotional baggage

  • extreme difficulties and miseries

  • misfortune and bad luck

  • disappointments and anxieties

  • accidents

  • drug addiction

  • imprisonment (including the karma of incarceration established in past lives)

  • chronic illnesses, especially involving the lungs, stomach, and legs

  • slow progress due to obstacles, and curtailed progress

  • legal challenges

  • conflicts with neighbors and relatives

  • betrayal and false accusation

  • financial losses and wasted money

  • job loss, career instability, and unfavorable career changes

We're going to resolve Saturn-based karmic blocks preventing clear experiences for you of:

  • long life

  • having discipline

  • patience

  • clarity

  • sense of destiny

  • success and gains in your desires and aspirations

  • attainment of higher position in your profession

  • reaching your spiritual goals

  • achieving your wealth goals

  • good reputation

  • profit gains from sale of property

  • sudden positive gains

  • success in higher education

  • the development of compassion, righteousness, duty-consciousness, discipline, and responsibility

Many of the following vortexes, mantras, and protocols for clearing have been sourced from the great Vedic tradition, where specific technologies have been practiced for thousands of years to precisely access deep clearing states. I combine these technologies with my own modern methods.

During this clearing, we are going to access the sacred karma-clearing energies of 9 great sacred powerspots for Saturn to amplify the depth of our Saturn karma clearing work. Just doing clearing work with the energy of these powerspots can reduce affliction, remove misfortune, help you develop a positive attitude, remove obstacles, protect from accidents, resolve domestic problems, grant professional progress, and fulfill wishes:

  1. Thirukollikadu: Saturn's form here is referred to as 'Pongu Saneeswarar', or the one who blesses abundantly

  2. Thirunallar Vortex: This is the primary location for Saturn karma clearing. Connect with this energy and receive the blessings of Saturn

  3. Thirunaraiyur: Saturn is known here as Mangala Shani, the one who bestows auspiciousness, ample wealth, and sound health

  4. Cholapuram Kailasanathar: Saturn and Shiva's energies are invoked here for relieving Saturn karma

  5. Thirukodikaval: Shiva's energy here mitigate the ill effects of Saturn karma

  6. Mayuranathar: Saturn's form here is as 'Jwala Shani' or 'Saturn with fire on his head'. Shiva helps to mitigate Saturn's karmic influence here.

  7. Adhi Kumbeshwarar: Working with Shiva at this temple mitigates Saturn karma and blessings with better career prospects and promotions

  8. Thiruvalanchuzhi: Working with Saturn in this temple can boost career and heal physical illness

  9. Ekambareswarar: Saturn connects with the Goddess in this temple to help alleviate suffering and past-life karma

We are going to utilize the power of several Saturn mantras, and resolve your consciousness into alignment with their deep clearing potential:

  • Three Powerful Saturn "seed" mantras, amplifying Saturn's blessings, used at the "21,000 repetition level of activation". They act as direct mailing addresses for Divine Energy.

Seed mantras for Saturn:

1. Om praam preem praum sah shanayishraya namah

2. Om Aing Hring Shring Shung Shanaishcharaye Namah Om

3. Om Hlim Sham Shanaye Namah

  • Two Saturn "Gayatri" mantras, clearing dejection, depression, and demotivation

Saturn Gayatri #1:

Om Sanaischaraya vidhmahe

Sooryaputraya dhimahi

Tanno manda prachodayat.

Meaning of Shani Mantra: -

I meditate upon Lord Saneshchara and think of that son of lord sun god;

Let that slow moving one illumine my intellect.

Saturn Gayatri #2:

Om Kaakadhwajaaya Vidmahae

Khadga Hastaaya Dheemahi,

Tanno Mandah Prachodayaat.

Meaning of Shani Mantra:

I meditate upon the one with a crow in his flag and think of that god with a sword in his hand;

Let that slow moving one illumine my intellect.

Laghunyasam Rudra Prasnam

  • Chamaka Prasnam

  • Rudra Trishati (300 names of Rudra)

  • Narasimha Stotram (Hymn in Praise of Narasimha)

We are also going to be working with the consciousness of several ancient masters/archetypes to deepen our Saturn-clearing potential:

  • Hanuman, the great monkey god whose energy pacifies Saturn

  • Ayyappa, who controls the ill effects of Saturn

  • Karuppasamy, whose energy relieves Saturn problems

  • Dharmasastha, the god of justice, who helps mitigate malefic effects of Saturn

  • Narasimha, the guardian angel who comes to rescue people in difficulty

  • Prajapati / Yama, Patron Deity of Saturn