Money seems like one of the most pressing issues for so many.

I hear from so many people that, no matter what they try, they cannot seem to make the money they desire, or they can't create it consistently.

If you are really ready to approach the path of creating money through alignment with your Divine Spiritual Connection, then the first thing to realize is that how money is showing up in your life is in direct proportion to your feelings of flow, alignment, and release into your Higher Purpose.

You see, money shows up or doesn't show up due to how connected you continuously feel to the lightness and joy of your own soul, how much you are in touch with fulfilling your unique soul purpose, and how much you trust Spirit as the Source and Supply of all your good.

Money is ultimately showing up or not showing up only due to your own consciousness -- not to seemingly external factors like the economy, the job market, your employer, your level of education, etc.

There are ultimately no "external factors" that can make you rich or poor.  It's not because of your parents, the economy, your job, your background, or any other outside factor.  In reality, your internal world is always "outpicturing" into your external conditions.

So if you want to change your external world -- the world of money, form, conditions, and manifestation -- you have to start by changing your internal world.

Money isn't the ultimate problem

I believe the greatest problem we face is that we think we are running our lives with the wishes, desires, and aspirations created by our conscious mind. When we struggle or fail to obtain our goals, we are generally led to conclude that we are victims of outside forces preventing us from reaching our destination. However, neuroscience has now established that the conscious mind runs the show, at best, only about 5 percent of the time. It turns out that the programs acquired by the subconscious mind shape 95 percent or more of our life experiences.
— Bruce Lipton, The Biology of Belief

"Money" (or lack of money) isn't really the ultimate problem.

It is a symptom of issues of inner alignment with your soul path, coherence with your unique gifts, your alignment and flow with Divine Spiritual Principles of how Life works, internal receptivity to your Good, the extent to which you've forgiven everyone in your past and present, and a heart that is fully engaged in helping, serving, and healing others. 

The first step in creating more money is accepting responsibility for your energy.

Your consciousness is the creator of your money situation.

This doesn't mean that if you are experiencing lack right now, that you should blame yourself. Blaming anything or anyone is only going to dig you in deeper.

You are simply experiencing a temporary condition of lack of money flow right now (even if this condition has been life-long), so identifying which "hoses" of your consciousness are blocked, why, and how to unkink them -- that is the challenge.

The results you're creating right now are largely based on your subconscious programming

The next step is to realize that, though it is true that we are fully responsible for what is outpicturing in our life now, there is very likely a high amount of unprocessed, unresolved subconscious programming that is creating your current reality without you even knowing it.

This "programming" is known as your karma (or your subconscious, or your akashic records -- these are all synonyms).

And yes, I am talking about past lives here -- and about your present life up until now.

For example...

  • we may be harboring resentment over deep betrayals we experienced thousands of times throughout our soul's infinite history
  • we may have died of exposure in hundreds of lifetimes, leaving us feeling that life is essentially unsafe;
  • we may have been killed as a sorcerer or witch for sharing our spiritual gifts
  • we may have abused others when we had money in previous lives, committing to not have it in this life so we wouldn't abuse our power
  • we may have taken vows of poverty in lifetimes as religious renunciates, believing that "money is the root of all evil"

Our karma is the strongly-held reactionary energy we created unintentionally

All of the reactionary energy we created during these past-life circumstances -- what we call "soul programs" -- may still be with us, deep in our subconscious, creating an irrational resistance to the present, visceral fears for our safety and survival, a chronic lack of trust that Life is really Good and that it is safe for us to express our gifts -- in other words: our unresolved soul programming is one of the most major reasons we are currently experiencing blocks to money.

We don't want to blame the past, but we must realize that every time we set a strongly emotionalized energy in motion, throughout hundreds of thousands of past lifetimes, that energy remains in motion until we become conscious of it and resolve it.

Money shows up when you resolve the subconscious programming

There isn't necessarily a magic wand that can be waved and all of your money karma will be taken away.  It has to be done progressively over time through clearing the subconscious, and using the energy cleared in each session to propel you forward.

The first step is for you to decide that you want to overcome all past and present obstacles, and that you will do whatever it takes to get into alignment with the Divine Spiritual Principles of Life so that you can manifest abundance in all areas.

One step on this journey is to do regular clearing work that involves resolving past (and present) life karma.  If you choose to do that with me, I suggest doing individual clearing work at least 1-2 times per month, participating in my regular group clearings, or at the very least downloading some of my pre-recorded clearing sessions around money.

Money shows up when you're spiritually clear & in alignment with your unique gifts

Money is a particular form of outpicturing of your consciousness based on your level of alignment with your unique giftedness, and the degree of open-heartedness with which you are freely sharing your gifts.

You cannot simply make lots of money doing just anything.

You cannot expect to make more money but continue to stay in situations that are compromising to you.

Money is a spiritual energy, and has to be attracted by you offering service to others utilizing your most sacred inner gifts.

Money is related to all other areas of your life

Some questions to ask yourself right now to assess your current spiritual availability to money could include:

  • How happy am I in general in life?
  • How fulfilled am I feeling in life, in relationship, in work?
  • Are there people from the past or present I am still angry with and whom I need to forgive?
  • Am I in a marriage or intimate relationship that is unconditionally supportive of who I am truly meant to be?
  • Am I (or have I ever) experienced success in other areas of life?

The power of the spiritual clearing work I facilitate is that we are able to examine your consciousness holistically, to look at all the points throughout this life and all your past lives where there may still be invested discordant programming that is blocking your consciousness from being able to access a higher money consciousness now.

You almost certainly have many, many past lives with the most significant relationships of this life, including your parents and all those who have seriously hurt you.  Even if you have done lots of forgiveness work, you may be still carrying karma from other lives that can be restricting you now.

The good news

The good news is: you don't have to clear 100% of all your karma in order to manifest a lot more money than you are now.

You just have to clear enough so your energy becomes freed up for manifestation.  You have to clear just enough so that you can more and more consistently feel good, receptive, open, and willing to show up and share your gifts with the world.

What you can do now

I highly recommend signing up for a 60-minute individual clearing so we can begin to unwind your negative money karma.

You can schedule your clearing by going here:

I also suggest signing up for 1 or more of the regular group clearings I facilitate each month.  No matter what the topic I am offering, everything you can possibly clear within yourself will help you manifest more money:

And lastly, I recommend downloading 1 or more of my pre-recorded prosperity clearing sessions.  These clearings are still energetically active now, and as you listen, you will feel clearing happening: