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Cultivating a Consciousness of Prosperity:
a 3-month online opening to what Spirit's already doing
September 16 (full moon) - December 14 (full moon), 2016

What’s calling out to you from the depths of your heart?

Who have you come to be, & what have you come to experience & express in this wonderful opportunity you have called Life?

You are a unique expression of the One Life that some call God.  I simply call it Life, or Source, or Spirit.  This Life-Presence is innately good, abundant, and joyful, filled with Light and Love, because it is Light Itself--it’s the Source from which worlds are created, and it's the Source from which you have sprung.

This Life truly and profoundly is you.  You are It.  You aren’t separate from It.  You are here to experience Life as it truly is--abundant, rich, ever-flowing, creative, and filled with love.

So why might you experience what are called “limitations” if this Infinite Presence that is the stuff you’re made from is so abundant, good, and all-providing?

One limit many of us experience is around money.

Money is one symbol of our willingness to let this Joyous Life experience Itself and express Itself through us.  Money represents living in the flow, applying our unique gifts through inspired action, and being open and feeling worthy to receive all-good.

Money is a physical condensation of our beliefs about ourselves and about Life.

Wanting and needing money is frequently shamed in many religious and spiritual circles, where we might be taught we’re not supposed to want things, or “money is the root of all evil”, or that if we have more money, somebody else is going to have go without.

It is your spiritual birthright to experience abundance.

But I’m here to tell you that not only can you have money and still be spiritual, but it is your spiritual birthright to be as abundant and affluent in every way you can imagine.  The Universe is abundance itself, ever wanting ever greater expression through your life.

How much good can I experience right now? How much good can I express as my very life? These are the questions the truly prosperous continually ask.

You allow the Universe to feel Its own Grace and Prosperity the more you reflect those qualities in your life, and only by accepting these Truths as the ruling Truths of your own consciousness, can you help to raise others into the Prosperity Vibration.

How can we experience lack in an abundant universe, where there are infinite resources for everything already provided by an Infinite Source?

The issue is with our consciousness--our inner landscape. Our consciousness is the sum total of all the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs we’ve ever had throughout our whole soul’s history.

Every thought and feeling we have had has incredible power, and they get more powerful by accumulating and building in intensity over time.

As we attach strong emotion to our thoughts, we begin programming our consciousness to respond to life in alignment with our thinking.

We don't experience Life the way It is, but the way we are.

So the phrase arises: we don’t experience Life as It is, but we experience Life the way we are.  We experience not Life itself at its most abundant, joyful, and prosperous for the most part, but we experience our thought about Life.

Most of the negative programming of our soul has happened as a result of subconscious survival fears, unresolved anger in relationships, and beliefs that God has condemned us.  Most of this programming that exists was created at a subconscious level, but that stuff “bubbles up” over time and creates our experience of Life.

We have to begin to think again like God.  We have to begin to perceive Life like our Source.  We have to see through the eyes of God, hear through the ears of God, and feel Life from that elevated level of consciousness.

God can't give us money, because God has already given Its own Life

God can’t do this work for us.  We’ve already tried that.  We’ve all tried praying, bargaining, and trying to twist the arm of the Universe to give us more money--more of the stuff we think we’re missing.  But Spirit has already given everything.  It’s already given Its Life in, through, and as us.

Praying to God for more money is like praying to the wind for more oxygen, praying to the Earth for more gravity, or praying to the Sun for more warmth. It’s already all being given, and it can’t do anything else other than what it’s already doing--which is transmitting Its Nature in, through, and as us.

We have the ability to allow Spirit to work joyously and abundantly through us, or we can limit Spirit’s movement in our lives through our subconscious and conscious thoughts of fear.

As we accumulate more and more of this unresolved energy in the subconscious over eons of time, we progressively shut off our experience of the infinite supply of Spirit.

We can never actually shut it off, but we can fool ourselves into thinking we’ve been cut off--and we experience Life according to our beliefs about It, subconscious and conscious.

So we have to open up.  We have to get out of the way.  We have to clean up the limiting thinking we’ve created for ourselves.  And we have to open our minds and hearts to the Truth--that Abundance is, Money is, All-Needs-Met is, every-good-thing-supplied already is.

Money is a consciousness for us to realize, not a thing for us to get.

Money is a consciousness for us to realize, not a thing for us to get.  Once we have the consciousness, the thing follows immediately and in direct proportion to the inner space we’ve created for it.

I have been able to realize these principles in my own life, coming from a place of struggle and the experience of lack for many years to realizing abundance in many ways, including running a 6-figure-per-year business now.

The first month I hit more than $10,000 in my business, I had a rather stark realization--and that was that making that much was completely easy, it was actually obvious and natural, like falling off a log. This doesn’t meant I didn’t spend a lot of time and effort making that much, but that’s different than saying I struggled and forced and worked 100+ hours per week (none of which I did do).

When I came from a place of realization, of true connection and flow, of doing what I came here to do, of really being aware of my vibration, abundance was realized in many ways, including financially.

Here’s one thing that I have learned: If you are not operating from a consciousness of abundance, not matter how much you effort and try to make money, it will elude you. But when you operate consistently from a consciousness of abundance, money will show up for you easily and effortlessly. You have to create the consciousness first, not wait for the money to show up so that you can then experience the consciousness.

Yes, you will have to put in effort to make money.  Yes, you will still have to activate into your unique purpose and express your gifts generously and joyfully each day.  I am not promoting a program here of “just thinking a certain way, and checks will start showing up in the mail, while you don’t physically do anything differently”.

I don’t believe in that.  Even if some people teach that approach, and yes you can manifest checks miraculously showing up in the mail sometimes, you are here for much more than that.

You aren’t here to be passive about Life.  You are here to be receptive, though, and to be fully engaged.  You are here to love yourself by identifying your gifts, and to love the world by offering them.  You are here to see every need met in your own life, and you do that by getting your consciousness right, then using your unique gifts to help other people get their needs met.

So why am I presenting this 3-month program?

So why am I doing this program? If this works so well, why am I asking for your money to teach you about making money?

Because that’s the way money works.  It increases by being shared.  The more I engage in serving you by helping you develop your prosperity consciousness, the more it increases my own consciousness. The more we activate into prosperity together, the more poverty, dis-ease, crime, and social injustice of all kinds can get healed from its root.  What we do together here affects the whole--it affects the entire consciousness of humankind.

The more money you make doing what you love, the more engaged you will be, the more you will be serving, the more you will be helping others, the more peaceful and joyful and abundant this whole world will be.  That interests me.  It engages me.  That gets me up in the morning.  That motivates me to want to share with you.

Prosperity consciousness is the opposite of hoarding or stagnation.  There’s no need for me to “get what’s mine” by somehow wishing more people wouldn’t open up to this Truth.  The more abundant you are, the more abundant I am, and the more prosperous the collective consciousness becomes.

Questions & Answers about this 3-month program

There have been some questions coming up to me around the logistics for this new online clearing program:

Do I have to be available at a certain time to participate?

No.  I am used to working with people all over the world continuously in my client practice, and so I am creating this program so that people can dip into it at their own convenience.  Daily participation is encouraged over this 3-month span, but nothing is being done "live", so you do not have to make specific space in your schedule at certain times.

How much of a commitment will this program be?

You can dive into this as much or as little as you wish.  Over the past 6 years of my group clearing program, I have done several audio recordings per month that could be used at any time.  This new program is a combination of passive clearings that I will facilitate and active conscious mind work and meditations that you will be asked to do on your own.

You will get out of this course what you put into it.  If you want to only receive the clearings passively (just by listening to them), you can do that.  But if you want the full immersion experience, to really make a significant shift in your consciousness around prosperity, expect that to take about 30 minutes per day, most days of this 3-month period.  Remember, you are developing a new consciousness of prosperity within yourself, and that takes time and effort to do.  If you want to see maximum results, you need to put in the effort.

How will this course be delivered to me?

This course is being delivered 100% through Facebook.  It is free to join Facebook.  I have created a "secret" group within Facebook where all clearings will be posted, and where we will be able to share experiences, challenges, and support for each other.

How many actual clearings will take place as part of this course?

I am shifting up my format with this course, providing more clearings more frequently, but making them each much shorter in duration.  There will likely be some clearing that happens at least once per day during most of this 3-month period.  Yup, that's probably around 90 clearings.  They will each be probably no more than 5 minutes in length. :-)

What results can I expect?

Remember that Spirit/Life/God has already given you everything.  Everything is already wound up within you at this moment.  You cannot "get" money given to you by any external source.  Your job is to realize that the Source of all money is within you, and it's wanting to be realized, to be activated, to be cultivated and acknowledged.  So the more you do that, the more positive results you will see.  I cannot do the work for you.  All I can do is my part in facilitating clearings, and guiding you to contemplate the Truths of prosperity as they have become revealed to me.  These have worked in my own life in dramatic and miraculous ways, and they can for you--if you do the inner work to establish this place in your own consciousness.

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