I have created this page of frequently asked questions to help you get a sense for how my clearings work.

how do I know if I need an energy clearing?

You'll know you need a clearing because there is something coming up in your life that is somehow blocking your progress, stifling your energy, or clouding your ability to truly thrive.  Maybe despite your best efforts to do what you know to overcome a challenge, you aren't seeing the change you want. There is always an advantage to working with clearing the underlying energy, no matter what else you are doing to positively change your life.

Our souls will reveal patterns, emotions, thoughtforms, or karmas of various kinds--relationship, financial, soul's purpose, health--at different times in our lives.  Or there might be a steady pattern of one type of block we've struggled with throughout many years.

These are all the types of conditions that most benefit from spiritual clearing work.

do I have to do anything to participate in my clearing session?

After our initial contact, all you have to do is to sign up for the clearing date that feels best for you and stay open to receive.

During the actual clearing session itself, we will not be on the phone or over Skype.  In fact, you don't really have to do anything specific during the scheduled time of the clearing.  You don't have to lie still or be in meditation.

The clearings happen as I tune into your specific soul.  I record everything that is happening during the clearing into the audio recording I make.

You will give me your name (and possibly the names of family members & friends that you would like to include), then there is nothing more for you to do.  These clearings are not done in person, over the phone, or live over the internet.  You do not have to make specific room in your schedule for them to be performed for you.

However, I do record the clearings in mp3 audio format.  Within 48 hours of the completion of the clearing, I will email you the mp3 recording.  When you listen to the recording, you will further absorb the clearing.  You do not have to listen to each recording, though if you have the opportunity, it can enhance the benefits.

what if I sign up for a clearing after it's already been recorded?

Spirit has indicated that the clearings, on average, are 84% as effective if you sign up after the clearing has taken place than if you signed up before.

Why only 84%?  Spirit says that It correlates the clearing work to the exact needs of the people who have signed up.  Since Spirit isn't sure who may or may not sign up in the future, all clearing processes that may be most effective for future signups may not be included.

However, in general, most people who have signed up for clearings after they have taken place have reported only very positive results.

what is your role?  are you the one doing the clearing?

I consider myself a facilitator, and one who has experience holding space for clearing work to take place. I am not actually the once clearing you.  Spirit does that.

I tune into the group energy, work with techniques I've learned, and work intuitively to ask Spirit for certain clearings based on what's coming up in the group.

Using my gifts as a clairvoyant, I am also able to communicate with and channel the Divine Beings that join us during the clearings.  I communicate that information on the recordings.  I perform the clearing, and simultaneously tune into the energy of the group that is signed up, sensing how the clearing & releasing process is going, and making adjustments according to each unique group.

what do you mean when you refer to "Spirit" in your clearings?

The word Spirit (with a capital "S") I use in my clearings is a reference to the Ultimate Presence of all that is.  It is a reference to what some might call "God", but I don't generally use that term, because the term "God" has become so boxed-in and conceptualized, that despite our best efforts to avoid the association, most of us will think of God as a white dude sitting on a throne in the sky, judging us.  Not what I want to refer to.

Spirit is the all-good. It is the energetic origin (Source), underpinning, and substance of everything that is--including you and me.  In this energy of Spirit is only the energy of good, wholeness, perfection, total peace, love, and abundance. If we are experiencing something other than that currently, it's because we have identified with an illusion.  In my concept, all problems are ultimately a result of limiting Spirit's ability to be Its true self in, through, and as our lives.

how do I know my energy is being cleared?

Many people experience any given clearing I perform for them as a lightness, an ease, and a feeling of "I can do this" about any situation that seemed like it was difficult, a problem, or was an obstacle for them previously.

Any single clearing may have this effect for someone, or it may develop over the course of repeated clearings, as more energy gets cleared from the soul over time.  This is the reason why I offer a full month of clearings all at once.  They build on each other.  The clearings accumulate.

So, there's the internal, subjective sensations that will shift as clearings take place. But in addition, there are the circumstantial, external changes.  There will manifest an increased sense of synchronicity. Situations in your life seemingly miraculously working out for the best.  Greater ease and flow in life.  Life won't seem like such a struggle in certain areas.

The areas these clearings can positively affect include, but aren't limited to: relationships, finances, career, soul's purpose, and health issues.

how do you concentrate specifically on clearing my energy?

Generally, I am not focusing my attention on any particular person's energy field during each clearing. So the work is less individualized than my one-on-one sessions.  However, as I hold space for the clearings, in each one, there is an overall sense to the group energy I get, and I work with that sense (or rather, I am aware of Spirit working with that sense) throughout the clearing.

I thought one had to work through all this stuff on my own. Isn't energy clearing bypassing my greater spiritual process?

In our clearings, we connect individually and as a group to the highest levels of Spirit's expansion. This means that there is a most-expanded form of Spirit guiding every step in our process.

Thankfully, I am not in charge of making the determination as to what can or cannot be cleared for you.  But Spirit can make that determination.  And Spirit makes the determination with great love for your process, and for how It can make your life easier without bypassing your need to grow and learn.

There is a delicate balance here. Growth and learning is important. But so is clearing.

It is my view that we have grown and evolved so much as a species and a planet, that suffering and discord in the energy field is never necessary. We are here to now learn through Grace, not hardship and difficulty. If you are struggling with something, it isn't Spirit's will for you to do so. There is always an easier way, a more allowing way, to accomplish whatever you're trying to do.

Clearing work, aligned with the infinite intelligence of Spirit, can always smoothe your paths and make your load lighter.

why sign up for a whole month at a time?

There is an advantage to doing a focused series of clearing.  Spiritual clearing is like ocean waves hitting a cliff.  There will be some difference in one day, but the changes become more noticeable and palpable over time.

Often, Spirit will download to me an entire month of clearing at once, and they will all center around a common theme.  Each of the clearings that month will approach the theme from a different angle, clearing different pathways to the same goal.

you offer the option to sign up my family & friends.  don't I have to have their permission first?

Including your family and friends in these clearings is one of the greatest gifts you can give them. They do not have to be consciously aware that you are doing it.

My intention in performing these rituals is always that it's in the "highest and best good" of each person participating and in the free-will choice of their High Self.  These rituals could be seen to be like prayer.  We offer the energy, and most people do receive it.

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