Green Mother Healing

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Green Mother Healing


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This 23-minute track of channeled piano music was recorded in front of a live audience in a beautiful, ancient sacred space.

How I produce this music is that I clear myself energetically, get into a high vibration energetic space, then allow this music to flow, asking Spirit to bring forth what's highest and best for all involved.

Simply to listen to this wordless track invokes a tremendous amount of healing and clearing energy.  You could use this meditative music as a background to a conscious meditation, or play the music at low volume while you are working to help keep your energy high and your space clear.

Click here to listen to a sample of this track:

Spirit revealed to me that the dominant energetic color of this music is green, and it represents a transmission of Grace from the Divine Mother.

Spirit also revealed that this track calibrates at 912 on the David Hawkins scale of consciousness, making it highly aligned with the ultimate Truth of what it means to be Divinely awake in the human experience.

More specifically, this tracks also helps to clear depression and suicidal energies.  Its energy helps to promote and enhance the quality of self-responsibility.

In the physical dimension, this music can help relieve grinding teeth, gritting, and jaw clenching. It also contributes energy to the clearing of skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

This music is also an energetic talisman and infusion of the frequency of the Chrysocolla gem.