Healing Symphony #3: Let Spirit Help You Process Anxiety

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Healing Symphony #3: Let Spirit Help You Process Anxiety


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This track was created spontaneously, as a piano improvisation, in 2016, in front of a live audience of people who were in prayer and healing meditation.

There was no pre-planning of this track at all.  I just sat at the piano and asked Spirit to play the piano through me.

After this 45-minute-long piano track was recorded, Spirit indicated to me that its main healing power is that of helping to alleviate anxiety.

This track calibrates at over 600 on the Hawkins scale of consciousness, meaning that, just by listening to it, it has the ability to help us open into the state of what Jesus called "the peace that passeth all understanding" -- a deep peace that emanates from within us, and is not caused or blocked by external circumstances.

Don't get me wrong though -- as with most of my music, this track has many thorny, spikey parts too.  I am not trying, through my music, to pretend human emotions do not exist, but to work with them, acknowledging them.  So this music is deeply peaceful, but also rhapsodic and passionate in parts.

I offer it to you in love.

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