Red Mother Clearing

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Red Mother Clearing


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This 27-minute audio track is a mixture of channeled piano music, spoken meditation, and singing.  I simply sat down at the piano one morning, cleared myself, and became a channel for this Divine Grace to flow.

The calibration of this track is 865 on the David Hawkins scale of consciousness, and this means that the energy of this track helps activate and download much of the ultimate Truth of human experience and to bring the Divine frequencies of enlightenment and fulfillment into your present moment.

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One of my express intentions in the creation of this track was to download frequencies that can help an individual clear inflammation and chronic dis-ease from the physical body.

This track helps to clear the feeling that you have been rejected by Spirit, by God, or by your own soul.  It also helps to clear sexual blocks and dysfunction.

This track helps to enhance the energies of consideration and cheerfulness to anyone who listens.

Listening to this track helps to open the heart, and to support the physical heart, and offers general support to the muscular system of the body.

This musical experience helps to clear overall sadness that may be depressing the immune system.