The Presence of Spirit as Genetic Coding

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The Presence of Spirit as Genetic Coding


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This is an 8-minute piece of piano music, recorded in front of a life audience.

The piece was directly channeled from Spirit. As I was editing the soundtrack, here is the information that came forward about this piece:

It resonates at 843 on the David Hawkins scale of consciousness, making it a high-vibe channeled piece that enhances and brings to the listener energies of enlightenment and high spiritual truth.

The track helps to clear the energies of escapism and self-limitation, while enhancing the quality of self-responsibility.

This music positively affects the heart, circulatory system, and endocrine system, and helps to energetically and emotionally nourish the energy of the kidneys.

Statements that this music helps to develop in the listener's consciousness, and which are good for you to consciously work with as you listen are:

  • Spend time alone, meditating upon what you truly desire
  • Detoxify/cleanse the body: physical - mental - emotional - energetic