So glad to meet you! I'm Michael.

"Wait...What exactly do you do?"

I help people get back into the flow of their connection to Spirit by holding space for them to clear spiritual blocks and past life issue, and to reconnect with their soul's purpose.

The end result?

More innate happiness & connection.
More freedom to be & do.
More abundance & joy.

What would you do if nothing was holding you back?

authentically getting what you want

It's likely that you've considered what you really want.  You probably want authentic health, wealth that allows you to do everything you want, the ability to express your unique gifts in service to others, and relationships that engage and nourish your soul.

There's some deep pulse within you, calling you into living life full-on, and with integrity to your inner spiritual nature.

For people like us on a spiritual path, we know that everything good ultimately comes from Spirit.

But as we open up our spiritual senses, it can seem challenging to figure out how to clearly create manifestations that feel aligned & authentic to our spiritual Source.

We need more clarity in our connection with Spirit.

letting the good in

We use words like abundance, flow, money, love, freedom, creativity, and bliss to describe what we want.

Ultimately, in my experience, we don't really want more things.  We want an experience. We want an experience of alignment, grace, flow, and ease that allows us to be in touch with Spirit and to manifest good for ourselves and others from that place.

But there can be blocks to this flow. And the blocks may not be obvious--on the surface.

According to some of the clearing work I do, up to 97% of the blocks we experience have their origins in our past lifetimes.  The energies from our past lives can and do have major influences on us.

We need to dig into letting go of the origins of our blocks, digging into releasing stuck energies from our past and present lifetimes, so we can be truly free.

your challenges are the starting point

Your soul is intelligent.  It knows how to bring forward to you the exact challenges you need are just the right time.

Is your soul punishing you by giving you difficulties?  No, not at all. Spirit knows that for you to be a free being, you have to release the past blocks, and the soul will reveal to you at just the right time the specific energies you need to clear.

For many people, "problems" are things to be gotten rid of or ignored.  But problems are the voices of your soul telling you there's something coming up for clearing.

There's some shift needed.  Something needs to be listened to.

Spirit -- as your own Higher Intelligence -- can clear the origins of your challenges

With Spirit, everything is possible.  Using spiritual clearing technologies, we can read the history of your soul, tracing every problem challenge to it's origin point, and clearing that.

Clearing at this level can have major benefits. We can release our soul from having to re-create the same negative experiences over and over again, and we can chart a course based more fully on our present-moment intention than the "default" settings our past lives would dictate.

We have all lived many past lives, but the time to start doing soul clearing is now.  Clearing blocks, past lives, negative energies and programs in the soul--all of this can tap you back in to your innate freedom.

Freedom to create.  Freedom to live life from your deepest inspiration. Freedom to be who you are.

Here's how to get involved now:

I have many pre-recorded clearings that were originally presented as part a monthly group program.  These can be of great value for you now (though they're not a substitute for individual work).

If you'd like to check my pre-recorded group clearings out, click here:


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