Friday, November 16 “3 Clearings in 1” Group Clearing:
Communication, Wealth, Intimacy

Hello friends!

On this page you will be able to stream and/or download the group clearing "Friday, November 16 ‘3 Clearings in 1’" recording I created for you.

Here is the recording:

I have just scheduled a holiday group - friends - family - space clearing happening a few days before Thanksgiving, on November 20. November 20th is a special “pradosham” day in which deeper karma clearing work can penetrate.

This November 20 holiday group clearing will include you, your family, your relationships, your physical space, shared past lives with your family, relationship triggers, unfinished business, ancestral karma, family curses, negative programs, and more.

Even if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in your country, take advantage of this time to resolve unfinished family karma.

In past years, this clearing has made holiday gatherings smooth and easy for those who participated.

More details here: