New Moon Solar Eclipse: 55+ Ancestral Health Karma Clearings (87 Generations: Inherited and Past-Life Curses Blocking Your Choice for Health and Wholeness Right Now


New Moon Solar Eclipse: 55+ Ancestral Health Karma Clearings (87 Generations: Inherited and Past-Life Curses Blocking Your Choice for Health and Wholeness Right Now


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(Originally recorded on the new moon total solar eclipse of July 2, 2019)

Curses are basically self-fulfilling prophecies that are often accepted subconsciously and automatically from other people's words, thoughts, and actions, or from our own inherited spiritual and physical DNA.

Curses are just forms of unconsciousness. They are not so much happening "to you" (meaning that you are not a victim of someone else's energy), as they are part of the karma you have chosen to work through in this life. They are part of your ancestral karma, from this and from past lives, and from biological as well as non-biological forms of ancestry.

You have come here to liberate yourself from all forms of restriction. To do that, you have to also examine and resolve all the ways in which you've consciously or unconsciously given your power to forces outside your Self.

There is ultimately nothing outside the "Self". So when we disempower ourselves to external conditions, we are really denying the power of Spirit in our lives. And when we do that, our lives gradually go off the rails in terms of health, money, relationships, purpose, etc.

Curses only hurt you to the extent you are unaware that you've given your power away to something or someone external. As soon as you (or in the case of this clearing, your Higher Self) identify all the ways you have dissociated your own Divine Power through unacknowledged curses, an inner correction is made, and you step more fully into what was always yours in the first place -- the Divine living in, through, and as you.

This clearing is special for several reasons: First, it is the first of 4 new moon ancestral karma curse clearings I am planning for 2019 (the other are happening on the new moons of July 31, September 28, and December 26). Our topic for this clearing is: resolving ancestral karma and curses blocking your ability to choose health and wholeness as your functional experienced states in this life -- and in this body.

Secondly, this clearing is taking place on a new moon, which is also a rare total solar eclipse. My guidance suggests the clearing will be about 4 times the strength of other new moon clearings, because of this unique astronomical phenomenon.

My guidance also suggests: if you truly want to be free of all restrictions in this life, you simply have to commit to regularly working with clearing your ancestors and lineages. This is an ongoing process, and cannot be accomplished all at once. In this clearing, we are going to be doing clearing work for 87 generations of your ancestors AND for you. And -- whatever your ancestors clear is automatically gifted to you instantaneously.

In this clearing, my guidance has channeled to me at least 55 specific clearings we will work through systematically for you and 41 forms of lineage, through 87 generations forward and backward. We are going to clear near infinite amounts of karma and curses, and the ripple effect of this clearing for healing the energy that is holding us seemingly hostage to health conditions that seem hopeless will be truly immense.

Powerspots and Vortexes we will use for doing Health Karma Clearing:

  • Ganesha Powerspot for Obstacle Removal: Thiruvalanchuli Temple in Kumbakonam

  • Shiva powerspot for healing and health blessings: Alangudi Temple in Kumbakonam

  • Swetharanyeswarar Koli for curing nerve diseases: Vaitheeswaran Temple in Kumbakonam (Shiva bestows healing and health blessings)

  • Sri Vanchinadha Swamy Temple of Lord Yama to overcome fear of death: Thiruvenkadu Temple in Kumbakonam

  • Planet Mercury Powerspot to Improve Intelligence and Knowledge: Srivanjiyam Temple in Kumbakonam

  • Amritaghateswara-Abirami Temple to achieve victory over death: Thirukkadaiyur Temple in Kumbakonam

  • Sri Pralayakaleswarar temple for curing ailments: Pennadam Temple in Pennadam

  • Shiva temple for curing diseases: Maruntheeswarar Temple in Chennai (Shiva as the Lord of medicine)

Revoking and clearing the following agreements, vows, programs, karma, and beliefs:

  • agreements to be sick for some purpose

  • vows to deny your power, to hide your gifts

  • vows to "glorify God" by being sick

  • being sick will make me spiritual

  • being sick is what God wants for me

  • being sick is my purpose

  • hidden reasons and agendas for not getting well, not wanting to get well, not being willing to get well

  • reasons why you chose not to send more of your lifeforce and Divine Energetic Consciousness into this present body and lifetime

  • being sick because I don't want to face some aspect of myself

  • being sick helps me avoid feeling -- and helps me retain resentment, emotional pain, anger from past hurts

  • addictions, bindings, investment in, and commitment to vested identity in perception of past hurts

  • being sick keeps me from processing "unknown" feelings of the past, and this in some way "protects me"

  • sickness as a defense against the Truth (A Course In Miracles)

  • sickness as a way to protect myself from the Truth of my being, from my emotions, from facing things, from dealing with things, from standing up for myself, from speaking up, for asserting myself, for admitting to myself what I truly want from life and from my relationships, work life, and other situations

  • sickness as an accumulation of unprocessed emotional, mental, and spiritual pain from this and from past lives

  • sickness stemming from a lack of desire to actually be here in the physical world and physical body at all

  • rejection of the Earth and the physical plain: “life is suffering”, “incarnation is suffering and pain”

  • belief that the physical body has to die

  • belief that the physical body has to die by getting sicker and sicker, weaker and weaker

  • the belief that the only way “out” of this life is having a diagnosis, a prognosis, and terminal diseases of all kinds

  • sickness as a way of not showing up authentically in life

  • sickness as a way of "not rocking the boat" of my family, my religion, other people's expectations, etc.

Resolving subconscious & inherited limiting beliefs that are blocking your health from emerging:

  • No pain -- no gain

  • There isn't a cure for what I have going on.

  • This must just be my karma.

  • I can't be healthier than my doctor -- or the dominant paradigm, medical model, or “the current state of research” etc. -- says I can.

  • If I get better, I'll upset: my spouse, my parents, my children, my life, my career, etc.

  • It's God's will for me to be sick.

  • I'm helpless to heal myself.

  • As you get older, you just get sicker.

  • "It" (whatever “It” is) just runs in my family.

  • I'm prone to get colds, flus, sick, allergies, "the bug that's going around", etc.

  • The social proof illness social media post: “Hey, is anyone else in [your town] feeling “sick, terrible, the stomach bug, high pollen season allergies, the throat thing”, etc., etc.” — Followed by confirmation “oh yeah, I am!”

  • I have "the gene" to get cancer, etc.

  • My medical test revealed _____.

  • I don't have enough money to heal.

  • I don't have enough time to heal.

  • I don't have enough energy to heal.

  • What would I even do with my life if I healed?

  • My illness is a punishment.

  • I am fundamentally bad, and my illness is a confirmation of that.

  • I live in a hostile universe. Life is always against me.

  • Darwinian and Newtonian theories. We have no purpose beyond perpetuation of the species, so why bother?

  • Why does everything always go wrong for me?

Resolving and clearing blocks to the following positive states of belief and vibration:

  • My body heals easily and quickly.

  • It is safe for me to be totally well.

  • I am always guided quickly and easily to the next step of my healing process.

  • I live in a Loving Universe. Life is for me, and supports my highest and best expression.

  • My body, mind, emotions, and spirit flow like a great river of health.

  • I am ready, willing, and able to NOW resolve and release all causes of current health challenges.

  • I release the need for this condition.

  • It is safe and joyful for me to fully inhabit and enjoy my body and my life.

Working with Dhanvantari, the Great Cosmic Physician, the Founder of Ayurveda

We will do karma clearing work and activate within your consciousness the Five Ancient Hymns of Praise that together energetically create an "Invincible Protection Ring" that safeguards your health and well-being:

  1. Purusha Suktam (Praise of the Cosmic Being)

  2. Narayana Suktam (Praise of the Universal Form)

  3. Vishnu Suktam (Praise of the Preserver)

  4. Sri Suktam (Praise of the Fertile Mother)

  5. Durga Suktam (Praise of the Problem-Solving Mother)

We will also energetically perform a Dhanvantari Homa, invoking the blessings of the Cosmic Archetype of Healing for you and your lineages.

Potential spiritual benefits of this kind of clearing:

  • Relief from sickness or ill-health

  • alleviating long-standing ailments

  • Overcome the fear of death

  • create a long and disease-free life

  • Overcoming obstacles

  • Restore health and vitality

  • Remove adverse effects of planets causing sickness

  • Prevent death due to diseases, age, and accidents

  • Mental peace and relief from confusion

  • Relief from past karma

  • Protection from all kinds of danger

  • Remedy for various ailments