Capturing the Energy of "Money Yoga": 3 Hours of Wealth Creation Rituals


Capturing the Energy of "Money Yoga": 3 Hours of Wealth Creation Rituals


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The three mp3 audio clearing sessions included in this product, totaling more than 3 hours of audio, were recorded on specific times and dates in March 2014, drawing on an alignment of cosmic energies called by the astrologers of India "money yoga". Rituals performed during money yogas allow karmic blocks to wealth to be removed, and for the archetypes of wealth--such as the Goddess Lakshmi--to bless us with increased streams of abundance.

These recordings were imbued with this cosmic poverty-clearing and money-creating energy, and just by listening to the recordings now, Spirit will saturate your energy field with the clearings and activations these recordings contain.

The 3 audio clearings contained in this product are:

  • Asset Creation Yoga Ritual (59 minutes)
  • Wealth Creation with Lakshmi (72 minutes)
  • Bank of Heaven & Money Karma Clearing Meditation (60 minutes)

Here's what one person wrote me about the effects these rituals had on her:

If you've been looking for the missing piece of the Law of Attraction Abundance puzzle, then Michael Golzmane's 3 Auspicious Rituals for Wealth Creation series of calls is for you. I feel a shift on all levels.

I have nothing but praise for these calls, and highly recommend them to anyone who is interested in clearing the way for increased abundance, happiness and groundedness in their life.

Michael goes into all the levels and planes of existence to clear anything that is standing in the way of us living our true Abundance.
Wow! What an experience! I've done a lot of clearing calls in my time, but none as deep and intense on all levels as Michael Golzmane's Clearing Abundance Blocks calls. Michael's wonderful calming voice sends you on a voyage of discovery as hidden blocks and barriers to you living your true Abundance is cleared with the help of the Divine Helpers.