Clearing Poverty Beliefs & Energies (Session 1)


Clearing Poverty Beliefs & Energies (Session 1)


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This 80-minute clearing session is the first of 3 parts, all geared toward clearing beliefs and energies around poverty.

A sampling of the topics we clear on this recording include:

  • clearing, healing, reconnection of all connecting points to Source Energy
  • clearing denial of the Presence of God
  • denial of worthiness to receive
  • obfuscation and rebellion to the Divine Plan
  • desire to not be incarnated or fully incarnated
  • belief in the “badness” and sinfulness of the body and of the earthplane
  • rejection of self, of “good”, and of God
  • belief in separateness and separation
  • belief in isolation
  • belief in sacrifice, crucifixion scenarios, and martyrdom
  • belief in self-punishment