Resolving Karmic Beliefs in Lack & Limitation, & Realizing "All Needs Met" in Consciousness

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Resolving Karmic Beliefs in Lack & Limitation, & Realizing "All Needs Met" in Consciousness


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Our present-moment experience is always showing up as an outpicturing of our inner state of consciousness.

But our inner experience isn't just what we think, or a remembrance of what's happened in the past.  It's the total accumulation of everything our consciousness is still giving energy to from this and past lives.

We all want money.  We all want healing of something. We all want to know, feel, and experience all of our needs being met. The Universe never withholds this fulfillment from us, and yet for many of us, we continue to struggle to manifest this limitless givingness of Spirit as our current experience.

Our experience of lack & limitation now is because, throughout our soul's history, we have often not been willing to fully step into our Authentic Greatness -- the Truth of Who We Are -- and manifest from that space of Inner Connection.

We accidentally created reactionary karmic energy through our many past lives, based on the belief that God was punishing us, that we weren't good enough, and that the experiences we were having with our 5 physical senses were the limits of what was possible.

Each one of us may have accumulated massive amounts of emotionalized energy to life experiences whenever we have reacted to our life experiences with fear, anxiety, trepidation, and a lack of optimism about the future.

We call this "lack and limitation" consciousness.  It's the belief that there's just not enough, that our basic needs will never be satisfied, that life is against us, that it's a "dog eat dog" world, that there's only so much money to go around, that in order for us to eat we will have to steal bread from other people's mouths, etc.

This belief system isn't necessarily "reality" -- it's just a fiction we created when we reacted to life circumstances through fear.  When we do this over and over again throughout many lifetimes, we continuously reinforce the belief that there isn't enough, and we continue to experience the outcomes of that accumulation of beliefs in our results now.

In this clearing, we are going to resolve 100% of all available programs, vows, beliefs, and judgments of lack and limitation that your soul is willing to let go of.

We are also going to resolve 100% of all limiting programs, vows, and beliefs that contradict or limit the powerful spiritual affirmation "all needs met".

Warning about this clearing:  if you are not really sure if you are ready to truly wake up into your most abundant yet-to-be, this is not the clearing for you.  Invoking a clearing  of this kind will definitely shake loose old emotional patterns & limiting life structures, and there may be further clearing or other conscious work needed after this clearing is completed.