Clearing to Help You Experience 100% Allowing of Spirit & Trust of the Flow of Life


Clearing to Help You Experience 100% Allowing of Spirit & Trust of the Flow of Life


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The dictionary defines "trust" as a firm belief, faith, certainly, conviction, and confidence in something.

Taken into the realm of the spiritual, the major reason why we do not manifest the good we desire in life is because we have not developed a consistent trust in God, Spirit, or in Life itself (these are all synonyms).

We are One with Spirit; Spirit is the Truth of our own being -- but we continue to mostly trust only what we can see with our physical senses, placing our faith in the world of form rather than relying totally on the Infinite Invisible as the Source and Supply of our Good.

From that place of limited perception, we then beg and plead to God for the things we need, forgetting that God is a Presence personified in us, and cannot withhold anything.

Faith isn't wishy-washy religiosity, or ascription to certain mental tenets of belief -- Faith and Trust in Spirit is a dynamic interaction of total surrender, openness, and the capacity to live life from the inside out.

Most people have never experienced even a moment of true, undistracted faith in the Infinite Invisible presence of Spirit because we don't know how to get there.

In this 1 hour 34 minute clearing, we are going to work with resolving and releasing infinitely large amounts of previously held subconscious karmic energy that is holding your vibration at less than total faith.

Together in this clearing, using the power of akashic record clearing, we are going to enter into a space (even for a few moments) of total faith in Spirit.  Even a few moments spent in this consciousness can be completely transformational.