New Moon Law-of-Attraction "100% Openness to Giving & Receiving" Group Clearing


New Moon Law-of-Attraction "100% Openness to Giving & Receiving" Group Clearing


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If you were 100% open to authentically giving of your innate spiritual gifts in service to others, and 100% open to receiving money and All-Good from the Infinite Storehouse of the Universe, do you think you'd feel different?  From that place of aligned feelings, do you think you'd manifest something more abundant?

Most of us would say 'yes', and yet most people do no know how to get to a consciousness where they are 100% open to sharing and 100% open to receiving.

Until you are truly open to authentically sharing what is inside of you and are cleared of the blocks to receiving the Good that is awaiting you, you will not manifest the Good you desire.

Affirmations and other conscious mind technologies are essential tools in cultivating this consciousness, and yet each of us has lived thousands of lives where we created tons of limiting programming that is affecting our ability to share and receive right now.

Each limiting belief, perception and judgment we have ever attached emotional energy to and held onto is still in effect unless it's previously been released, even if we have no memory of creating it.

Throughout this clearing, we are going to repeatedly work with the power of Spirit to research your soul records and subconscious mind to clear and resolve as much of the energy that is preventing you from being in 100% openness to giving and receiving authentically in alignment with your soul.

Spirit told me that, on average for this group clearing, each person has 92 digits (that's a 1 with 92 zeros after it) worth of blocks to authentically sharing, and 832 digits (a 1 with 832 zeros) worth of blocks to receiving.  That's huge--- and is very substantial blocking energy!

Yes, you absolutely have conscious, present-moment work to do to get your consciousness aligned with the Good you seek.  However, by continuing to resolve and clear the subconscious, past-life, and karmic blocks to your Good, your present-moment will be made significantly easier.

Remember: the only thing happening in your world is your own consciousness.  Nothing is happening "to you" except as an outpicturing of your consciousness.  So the quicker you get your consciousness clear and aligned, the easier it will be for you to see positive results.