{video} Clearing of the karmic database, soul records, & subconscious mind is essential for your freedom, wholeness, abundance, health, & relationships

{video} Becoming Available to the Consciousness of Love through Karmic Clearing & Spiritual Practice

{video} What to do next if you're feeling stuck or blocked in some (or all) areas of life

{3 video series} Releasing Subconscious Blocks to Money

Hey there!

I created this 3-part video series to introduce you to how to get back into the flow of abundant money expressing in your life.

I recommend watching the videos completely, and in order:

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:

If you have watched these videos, a first step towards working with me
might be downloading some of my energy clearings focused on money.

If you are ready to dive in to a deeper level, I would recommend
booking a 1-on-1 clearing with me.  All first-time clearings must be 60-minutes in length.

{video} What's blocking your prosperity ... and what to do about it

{music} Channeled piano music for reflection, healing, and expansion

Friends, this music is alternately challenging and expansive to listen to.  It was creating entirely spontaneously by me during a live local healing event where people were receiving prayer and healing work.  If you stay with me through this 65-minute track, you will feel a range of human emotions, breaking through into more blissful Divine states.  Enjoy!