{writing} Get Grounded on Your Spiritual Path

Download in meditation today--a message to myself and to others:

In your path of spiritual evolution, are you bringing enough energy into your physical vehicle? Are you "out there" trying to manifest, trying to have spiritual experiences, out of body? Do you think some angel holds an answer that you don't already have--right here and now?

Remember that your true Source of spiritual power is here and now, in this present moment. The way to ensure you're here to be part of this present moment?

Get into your physical body.

Move it.

Get vigorous.

Stay grounded.

Connect to the cold air outside.

Breathe deeply and fully.

Get out of your head.

Make it happen by Being Here Now and allowing it to happen.

Meditate, yes. Go up, yes.

But don't stay up.

Come back here.

End transmission.