Does your problem need "fixing"?

Just remembering today, as I interact with a client, that we sometimes wonder why discordant conditions appear in our lives, we wonder if we did something wrong, if we're being punished.

We may even believe the problem needs "fixing".

At a physical level, yes, we may need to do what we need to do to fix and heal a problem.

But we must always keep conscious that we are already whole and complete as we were created -- from the highest levels of our spiritual connection.

Dis-ease, problems, challenges -- these are not punishments, and they are not even really "problems" per se.

They are blessings in disguise, callings from deep within us for us to step more fully into our true evolutionary potential.

There is something wanting to be born through us when we encounter a major block or problem.

No matter what treatments we do in the physical, always take time every day to meditate and touch base with the Truth of your being.

Don't know how to touch the Truth of your being?  That's what the ongoing process of the spiritual path is all about.

Ultimately, each one of us eventually comes to a point in life where we realize we need to plug into the Infinite to bring about some change, some healing, some manifestation.

Typically, this realization only comes after years of struggling with problems "on the level of consciousness that actually created the problem in the first place".

And each type of practice we use is actually designed to get us more in touch with this Infinite Potential -- meditation, chanting, prayer, conscious movement, sacred service, developing our gifts, eating in a balanced way, honoring our bodies in all ways, cultivating sacred relationships, manifesting financial abundance, etc.

When you touch the Truth of your Innate Wholeness, you will be guided through the lesson into your greatest yet-to-be.