{writing} You are the Answer!

We often think that transformation, healing, clearing, and the spiritual path in general is about what we can get: how do we get the relationship, the money, the job, the healing, and the "stuff" we're looking for.

At one level, "getting stuff" serves as an initial impetus for people to get onto a spiritual path.  

"Well, I've tried everything in the physical world I can think of!  I've had mixed results--or no positive results.  I've tried trying harder, I've tried forcing myself to do things, I've tried using up all my energy, I've tried punishing myself by "paying my dues" until I'm blue in the face.

Strangely, none of that has worked.  There must be more to it than this!"

We're tickled by the promise of something greater that the inner path of spiritual transformation can bring us.

And there are many, many rewards that will show up in our lives as a result of being on this path.

But the path isn't about the endpoint.  It's not really about what we will "get".

If we continuously focus on what we are trying to acquire, we can lose our perspective, focus, and inner coherence, falsely assuming that the inner path is simply another technique to satify our ego's desire for more, more, more.

It's not really about what we can get on this path---it's about who we become in the process.

The spiritual path itself is the result---it's not simply a means to an end.

The reason why the path is the result is because YOU ARE THE ANSWER!

You are not here to acquire something, to invoke an external god's benevolence, or to artificially try to make yourself whole by acquiring more stuff--even if that "stuff" is a relationship, a physical healing, a job, or whatever.

YOU already are the complete answer!  You are the ONE you have always been looking for.

YOU are simply here to reveal that!  YOU are here to open to that!  YOU are here to fully embody that!

As weirdly new-agey as this sounds, I have found this to be more and more true in my experience:

At the moment in which you no longer need or desire money--or "have to" manifest it, have it, figure out how to make it, and wonder why you're lacking it--it will show up as if miraculously.

At the moment in which you realize you are already whole, complete, and perfect as you were created, and that the physical body is not the fullest expression of your Divine Essence, the healing you are seeking will show up.

At the moment in which you give up "trying to get a job to pay the bills", wondering what you can get out of a career, and you surrender into the innate perfection of your being, deeply allowing and transmitting your unique Divine Essence, the career you are looking for will show up.

As soon as you deeply feel that you are already loving, whole, complete, and perfect as you are---feeling filled up just to be in your own innate Divine Presence--the relationship you are looking for now can show up.

Yes, we will acquire many good things on this spiritual path.  These are the "fruits of the Spirit".  These are the "all these things shall be added unto you" that Jesus spoke about.

But we can't get there by just seeking the fruit, but just seeking the "all these things".

Jesus told us to "seek first the kingdom", and then (and only then) would "all these things be added unto you.  What does seeking first the kingdom mean?  It means being planted squarely on our spiritual path, fully committed, surrendered to Innate Spirit, knowing and feeling yourself totally filled up by Spirit as your very own life.

We have to really, really, really do the inner work, and know Spirit as our innate wholeness.

There's no tricking Spirit.

There's no way around this part.

There's no way to sort of do spiritual work.

You have to dive in, be immersed, and let it take you completely.