What is energy clearing work all about?

We can either be a channel for the all-good of Spirit, or through our negative judgments, we can limit Spirit from being able to do Its work--which is to share Its infinitely good nature of abundance, healing, fulfillment, and inner harmony.

Energy clearing work is about skillfully working with the infinite power of Spirit to release inner blocks that we have taken on throughout our soul's history, often subconsciously, that limit Spirit's ability to fulfill Its purpose in us, and our ability to be a channel of good for others through the living of our unique mission.

Clearing the Physical Body of Dis-ease

No matter what the immediate observable cause, all physical dis-ease ultimately comes from blocks in the flow of Divine Energy in the soul.

All of these blocks can be removed by the power of spiritual clearing.


Clearing Entities, Attachments, & Dark Heavy Energies

Most people I've worked with have some form of negative energy attached into their field.  The symptoms of this include feeling uneasy, mental/emotional imbalance, lack of clarity, trouble manifesting in alignment with your soul, and feeling energetically "heavy".