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If I had to encapsulate everything I do into a short description, I would write:

I am a spiritual clearing facilitator who works with the power of your own Higher Intelligence to identify, clear, and resolve your limiting subconscious programming, so that you can raise your consciousness & experience more authentic states of joy, optimism, and freedom to create the life you want.

If we were sitting down for a cup of coffee and I told you about my journey, I would tell you:

I got onto a spiritual path because of intense personal suffering.  There wasn't any other way out, as far as I could tell.  Health challenges, career dead-ends, no money, hopelessness, depression. All different now.

Then I encountered spiritual clearing work.  First as a client, then as a practitioner. And my life hasn't been the same since.  Trained with healers throughout the country. Opening. Bliss. Peace. Flow with my Divine Purpose.  Optimism.

I trained in hands-on healing, psychic healing, channeling, and intuitive development. Working with angels, working with ascended masters.  Now I simply work with the energy of consciousness itself I call Spirit.

For 13 years, I've been working with individuals from 6 continents to support their journey of clearing, subconscious resolution, and a reclaiming of their Divine Freedom to create a life of their choosing.

Working with intuitive processes, guided by Spirit, to identify and resolve the subconscious patterns and programs that are creating our present problems and limitations. Clearing the blocks.  Raising consciousness.  Resolving limited beliefs making people experience life through lack, restriction, and fear. Witnessing miracle after miracle.

People's spirits renewed, reconnected to their Divinity.  Getting into the flow of allowing.  Letting their souls express the beauty they came here to express.

I believe:

You are whole and perfect right now--as you were created.

The reason why you're experiencing limitation now is only because of misperceptions operating in your own consciousness.  All solutions involve clearing the soul of the false stuff you've held onto about yourself, and raising your consciousness back into a sense of Oneness with Spirit.

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Here's what I do.  I invite you to reach out to me and tell me what the challenges are in your life.  And I'll share with you how I can help.

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