What People are Saying about My Work

Results are where it’s at.  Spiritual healing is just theory if it doesn't equal real changes.

I am a big believer in results.

With my work of spiritual clearing and healing, the results come in 2 forms:

  • your internal world feels clearer, lighter, and like you’re able to walk your path with more freedom

  • your external world becomes more filled with abundance, opportunities for self-expression, more connection, more synchronicity, and more miracles

When you get your internal world open and clear, your external world always follows.

Here’s what some of my clients have had to say about participating in my clearings, individually, or in group work:

Dear Michael,
I am so immensely blessed to have come across your healing videos. No words and amount of money can be compared to the help you are providing. It cannot be compared to any material thing.

As I started the audio my body instantly relaxed. It started giving out heat and I started feeling cold. It was as if something was coming out of me.

So many million sensations I felt during the audio. I started coughing, my left arm started paining a bit and my right leg became icy cold. After initially listening to the audio I put it in the background at low volume and it kept playing the entire night. Now when I got up I am a bit numb and hazed (which I understand is normal)

PS: after 5 minutes of audio I felt such intense love for everyone, especially you. It was as if I became a giant bubble of pure love and compassion.

Thank you for your help and healing. I wish you best, love, light and healing.
— Regards, Kritika Sharma
Hi Michael,

This is Vidya here. I just finished listening to your Sept 18 Saturn Karma clearing. Though I want to say a lot I am having difficulty finding words to express my thoughts. All I can say is that it was so deep & intense that it transported me into some other space. I did feel very tired & exhausted in the middle of the clearing & was in a state of suspended sleep. I had intense headache & throat pain till we reached the Shani vortexes. Then as we were connecting to each diety I felt such rush of energy & tremors all through my body. I feel much lighter & rejuvenated.

I just wanted to share my feedback/ experential journey & express my deep gratitude for facilitating this clearning. I am from India & I was very proud of your perfect enunciation of the Sanskrit chants in the clearing. I look forward to do another group clearing & a personal clearing in near future.

My heartfelt thanks & gratitude once again.

— Vidya Shaker (after the September 18, 2019 "Saturn goes Direct" group clearing)
Hey Michael,

I just felt compelled to give gratitude and share my positive experience again. I can’t thank you enough for all of your help and wisdom, and I am forever grateful that I came across your work.

I listened to the last group clearing several times, and during about the fourth time, I felt this really intense sensation. It was like my energetic body lifted up to hover over my physical body and was moving really fast back and forth. I breathed through it, and my gut says maybe it was some big release or something to with kundalini/spiraling energy. I’m open to any insight you may have. In any case, it was just really cool (and kinda wild...lol) to be able to “feel” these huge shifts.

I am experiencing huge, beautiful shifts on the physical plane too. I am moving forward in career (after a decade of low self esteem and trauma/shame patterns). I am attracting love and positive connection. And most of all, I feel stronger as a person, my anxiety is gone, and those with negative intents are going in a different direction.

So thank you yet again. I am forever grateful for your work. : )

Take care, sending peace and blessings your way. Thank you!
— Kind Regards, -- (name not used)
Hi Michael,

I’m quite happy with my self that i made the decision to work with you. After listening to the session I’m no longer triggered by the memories that have been haunting me for many years. And after seeking help from countless people, when it comes to spiritual healing you are the real deal. I’m grateful to you and am looking forward to working with you again in the future.
— With much respect and appreciation, Ramzi
Hi Michael,

I want to share something with you.
I have the nervous system MP3 on a loop at night and it makes such a difference!
I had a bit of a weird experience the other night, I was in between the waking and sleeping state and felt your presence in my room. You took a deep breath and blew right into my nervous system and cleared out so much anxiety. I was so happy and full of joy!
Then sleep came over me again and waked up with a very clear remembrance of what happened.
I can tell you that at least 80% of my triggers are gone and I am so very thankful!
I feel a bit shaky but I guess that will come to rest soon.
I don’t know how this can happen and that I am so aware of it and if you were actually here as a presence in my room but I feel this has such a great impact on me and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

— Thera Josephine
Hi Michael, it’s has been so amazing! I listened to the recording 2 nights ago and again last night.

The first night was quite intense at times. I have had contractions in my stomach, spine, and once in my throat before, however when the suicide program was clearing it happened in my legs. It’s really a cool experience because it is a physical reaction that gives an experience of the physiological aspect of the work and a sense of the energy.

I have also been having the most vivid of dreams! I can’t tell you how exciting this has been to have so much progress in such a short amount of time.

Something came up in me yesterday, so I listened to the recording again last night. This time I was very calm and dozing in and out of sleep, slept well and today it is gone. The impression that it was had such little effect compared to what it used to be. It would have lasted for days at least.

Being free of these fears allows for much easier recognition of false structures when they are active. My focus now is to dissolve the habitual thoughts that these programs have spawned over the course of my life.

I am still riding this new wave of existence and know that this will bring new opportunity for growth. As you mentioned in the recording, these are layers. Lifetimes of layers. I am excited to continue to clear my system and my intention is to get to a place of freedom to create from Love.

With infinite gratitude thank you thank you THANK YOU! :)
— John Bibb
Hi, wow! This clearing felt really powerful and good!

When it finished, all I could feel was immense gratitude to you for facilitating this and to Spirit and to my bodies for allowing this clearing.

From a very early age I felt so unsafe and had panic attacks every night and I knew there were deep emotions to clear.

On the third and fourth day after listening to the [clearing] recording I started to feel a lot of energy in my lower three chakras and my head and throat. I also felt a little depression and tried to feel forgiveness towards my parents.

My digestion is better and I drove to Florida for three days from Toronto with my husband and did not even get a sore lower back! So thank you so much for this clearing and I can’t wait until next session! Happy new year!
— Joanne Katz, Canada
Dear Michael,

Thank you very much for this clearing session. It was really powerful and deep.

I did feel something around the time I signed up for the clearing, but very subtle. However, the first second your recording of our clearing started playing, I started crying, and it was a heavy cry, big emotional release, but it lasted until the initial clearing.

After that, I experienced deep heart chakra opening, almost a burning sensation in my chest, but not uncomfortable at all. It was a deep opening in my being. I got an image of an open corpse during the autopsy. I know it is a weird and a little gross comparison but it is the only way to describe it. I had that feeling in my heart chakra during the whole session. After that, I felt deep joy and smiled throughout the whole process. I was still processing the energy and feeling the clearing a few hours after the recording finished.

The next day I felt a little displaced and was still under the impressions of the experience. Now I feel like everything is settling, I feel that extra space and clarity in me. I have a feeling that something big shifted inside but I still can’t exactly see what it is. All I know is that something huge was cleared and that created beautiful extra space for me to be. I feel that it will take another day or two for the energy to really settle but right now I am extremely grateful for this clearing, this process. It was, and still is, a beautiful experience.

Thank you very much for your assistance and I will do a follow up clearing in a week.
— Best, Tatjana from Croatia
Dear Michael,

I listened to the group clearing from monday this week.

I felt it quite strong, and what i found extremely interesting is that now I feel unblocked for relationship.

It is so so extremely interesting that I have goosebumps, and am excited right now: the clearing revolved around “unique gifts” and not relationship.

so somehow i feel the blockage that i felt for so many years, did not have anything to do with relationships per se..... and it makes extreme sense to me, because i was really never actualyl blocked around relationship, never.

I feel that the blockage was something more around maybe receiving or getting my deepest wish fullfilled — my heart’s desire. Unique gifts are also hearts desires.

I feel that this is it. I feel the blockage is/was around not being able to receive my heart’s desire — being denied, or restricted in that.

I am so excited right now, it’s crazy.

I can feel the presence of a partner around me. I almost cried now. I was not able to feel that since ever.

Something was blocking my heart’s desire to manifest and it’s much much more open now.

I am so grateful michael. Thank you so much!

Thank you thank you thank you!
— a client after a recent group clearing
Hi Michael,

I had a chance to listen to the full clearing recording without any one disturbing me, and it was wow, I felt the energy coming in and out from the top of my head, it was so much I couldn’t believe it, so much was shifting in and out, I want to really wanted to scratch my head, the tickling sensation was so much I just wanted to scratch my head, but I didn’t as I wanted to let the change happen without disturbing it.

My third eye was pulsing so much I thought it was going to pop out lol, this happened for the entire hour and carried on for a further hour before it finally stopped, it felt like something had been lifted from my shoulders, all this time and so many many years I’ve felt there is a huge block in this area, finally I’ve felt a change I know it will take a little time and more work. But it was awesome, and a great start.

It was very interesting and I find it amazing how much stuff we carry from past lives into this life, our brains are so powerful and a top spec pc is nothing compared to how much information our brains can carry.

So thank you very much for what you done for me and I know with your help and more healing there will be more stuff to shift and I look forward to the next session, can’t wait to be honest to see what other stuff can be shifted out. And still find it amazing how much our brains can handle.
— a client from the UK
I absolutely smiled and laughed out loud in chuckles of KNOWING and conscious compliance to your requests to Spirit, the sensation was in zero time as you uttered the requests. I have a renewed sense of SOURCE, of self, of the fun feeling that is my soul. I feel my soul is actually a child of god, and spark of effervescence. Everything you said regarding the releasing and changes that were occuring realtime was synchronistically coursing through me, and was a true surreal feeling,even though i listened to the session after you performed it with my energy.
— April
I felt the clearing was very powerful.  I really feel something was changing inside of me. This last clearing was even stronger than the first one. It was as if for the first time I felt as if I have gained a new strength in my chest. I feel stronger and more free. I feel a new security. It is a very good feeling.
During the second clearing on my relationship to my mother I felt a lot happening inside of me. In the beginning when you asked me to try to see my mother, it was hard for me to picture her.  But after a while, I managed to make an image of her in my mind.  It was hard to do that.  Strong shifts happened. It was a lot sadness and I felt very vulnerable.

During the clearing something came up that surprised me a little. Suddenly I felt it was ok to have feelings. I did not need to feel ashamed. It is not dangerous to have feelings—both good and bad. This insight was so new and wonderful to me.

I also have had the urge to eat healthy food. It is as if I try to find food that is especially good for my body. I want to take care of my body.

Your way of working is so right for me. At last I found someone who could help me.  You are a wonderful healer, Michael, and I am so happy that I found your YouTube videos on the internet.
Thank you for what you and Spirit are doing. It is a blessing to have met you.

I would like to get clearings regularly for a period. I have a strange feeling that it has to happen now. I do not have time to delay. It is time to be free.

I am looking forward to the next clearing.
— Merete (from Norway)
Hi Michael,

I just wanted to share with you some truly positive experiences I have had with a few prerecorded clearings. I bought the “why am I so sensitive to others energies” because I’ve been going through so many strange internal experiences since leaving my ex and moving and wasn’t sure what was going on.

Well, I’ve only listened to two [of the 5 recordings in the set] so far, and I feel...wow...so much different.

I never had this huge a problem in the past of feeling like a sponge, I feel like on some level I possibly started giving up...not sure. I’m really glad I got these recordings, and I feel grateful to you! I feel like myself again...even though there was a bunch of crazy stuff going on in varying degrees over the past couple of years, I at least felt somewhat of a spiritual strength. Lately I’ve been, ugh, don’t even know. Feeling like awash the collective consciousness, nobody, nothing really. So...I’m really glad to feel like something again. 

I have an individual clearing scheduled with you finally! Looking forward to it. Thank you for your service!
Hi Michael,

We have now been working together for over 1.5 years and I have seen an incredible improvement not only in the way I feel and my general peace of mind, but in my personal and professional relationships - which we have focused on in our work together.

Each one of your clearings has provided me with meaningful and impactful change in my life almost immediately.

What I love about our work together is your ability to specifically alleviate current imbalances and in doing so, clear other misalignments that I didn’t even know existed.

Over the past year, I have seen tremendous change in my life and I truly value and believe in the work you do! When I listen to your recordings, I feel as though you are right there in the room with me and that sense of connection is remarkable!

Thank you for continuing to open me up to receiving more balance, love, and abundance in my life!

A truly heartfelt thank you for all that you do!
— Carolyn B.
Thank you so much for such a beautiful session

I have no words to really describe the intense peace and energy shift I felt throughout that session.

I feel the potential, I feel the connection and guidance. You are such a blessing and I am so grateful for the time you put in for us to hear this recording that is really changing lives in every moment.

Even though I may not have always been the most logical about money or really understood it or felt satisfaction from trying to understand it in a logical point of view, going the spiritual route and to the root of it all really makes me feel so much more transformed.

And I can understand it this way, a way that goes beyond logic. A way through, in, and as God. Thank you again so much, Michael!!!! I look forward to so much more with you. I’m hooked!!!!!
— Clarimel
Hi Michael,

I have been a Reiki Master for the past 18 years and I have experienced many types of healing modalities.

I must say that your clearings work deeper than anything I’ve done so far.

Last Thursday I felt a gentle, loving energy move up my spine which starting shaking out a lot of debris. I literally shook with fear on and off for a couple of hours. I just allowed it and stayed with my breath and it did pass. Then I moved into a bout of anger and again just allowed it. I do have a scoliosis at T7-T8 (back of the heart chakra) which has been problematic for quite some time and I can feel my spine gradually correcting.

Yes it’s scary and uncomfortable at times, but I remain willing and committed. I am also experiecing longer blocks of time of peace and oneness and all is well kinda thing. Yay!  It truly is an amazing journey.
— Pat MacDonald
Dear Michael, 

During the clearing, I felt like every cell in my body opened up and released all this pent up energy like a flower bud bursting open on high-speed film.

Then it was like stardust hovering and floating around and away from my body.  My pain and anxiety drastically subsided.

The karma clearing on the 26th left me feeling much stronger emotionally and my back and hip pain (I have RA and degenerative discs in my spine) that’s been flaring up the last couple of months is subsiding and I am finally able to do my full morning walks again.

The intense anxiety and pain in my solar plexus I felt all the time is pretty much gone. My family relationships are also on the mend.

Thank you so much for all your help Michael.  I am forever in gratitude to you and continue to hold you in my prayers.
— Ginny Amarel

Thank you for the wonderful meditation.  Your clearing brought tears to my eyes today.

My mom has suffered a life unbearable, and I felt the karma from her father, who I never met because of suicide, leave my family today.

The karma from our family is deep, and I appreciate you digging in and doing the work as a healer. Your heart is so sincere and that is highly valued in today’s world.  You definitely stand out from the rest because of your heart and dedication and deep faith! You are amazing!  Thank you!
Hi Michael,

After the recent clearing, what I noticed was that a great deal of the physical tension in my body just disappeared.

I feel loose & free like I haven’t in a long time.

I also feel less choked up for words when speaking.

You know, it’s really fun to notice how clearings affect you. Overall, I just feel better.
— Kelley Mulcahy
Greetings Michael,

I feel wonderful! Stellar Shaaazzzaaammness! And give thanks to all! Indeed.

When I started the recording my chest was tight heavy and full of anxiety. I have a lot of financial strains and as you well know I am leaving my current job without having one in place. But I am getting a lot of hits on my resumé and I got my new business cards to send out to those in need of my services.

During the last half hour I had a lot of yawning. I laugh because I couldn’t stop yawning. My physical body was really taking everything in. I did have some resistance, so I will be listening to this recording again soon. 

Myself and those with the highest vibration are so grateful for you sharing your gifts, talents and abilities.

Gonna have a big glass of H20 and embrace solitude, which I have not done in a while.

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