what I do

Hi friend!  I'm Michael Golzmane, and I facilitate spiritual clearing work for people from all over the world.

My work involves intuitively working with the power of Spirit & your own Higher Intelligence to help identify & resolve the blocks, programs, and issues still playing out in your subconscious that you accidentally created in reaction to experiences you had in this and past lives.

These unresolved issues are continuing to cause you limitation, restriction, lack, and problems in your life now.

In my clearing work, through the power of connecting to your own Higher Intelligence, we work to resolve those subconscious limitations so that you can experience greater freedom to be your authentic Divine Self & manifest the freedom & fullness of authentic living that Spirit is wanting to express through you.

What is held in your subconscious mind was partly created in this life, but is also the product of all unresolved issues from your many past lives.

Subconscious mind is another way of saying your karma, your akashic records, or your soul's accumulated database of consciousness.  This accumulation of limiting energy is simply the total record of every thought you have ever charged with strongly reactive energy -- like anger, fear, anxiety -- minus what you have already resolved.

why do I need to clear my subconscious mind?

There is an infinitely good Presence many call Source, God, or Spirit.  This Presence is the Creator, but it also fully present as the deepest Truth of your being, as the Truth of your being.  Everything we think of as a problem in life begins to get resolved as we come back into closer conscious contact with this inner Presence, and know It as the Source of own own being.

The challenge is, however, we can only get back into conscious contact with this Presence through our own consciousness. Changing our internal and external results in life always starts as an inside job.

Your consciousness alone is what is creating your experience of life now.  If you are experiencing lack and limitation, dis-ease, relationship blocks, or are continually manifesting what you do not desire, the reason is most likely stemming from unresolved issues in your subconscious.

am I being punished for my past lives?

You are never being punished for anything.  Spirit is infinitely good, and cannot ever condemn or punish.  However, the unresolved energies in your subconscious are continuously coming forward -- or "outpicturing" -- as your current life circumstances, basically creating a concrete manifestation of what you're holding in consciousness (whether you're aware of what is in your consciousness or not).

For instance, if there are many past-life programs of trauma, anger, unforgiveness, or self-hatred, you may experience corresponding limitations of money, health, relationship, or challenges in your ability to feel in the flow of fulfilling your soul's purpose now.

is it even spiritually possible to clear karma?  don't I just have to live through it?

Our "karma" (or our subconscious and past-life unresolved programs) are simply strongly-held energies we accidentally created without even realizing it in reaction to what was happening within and around us.  Those energies remain in effect -- and as a point of outward radiance and attraction -- until we resolve them.

We are infinitely powerful beings, and as it has been said, it is "done unto us as we believe".

Everything we believe also includes everything in the subconscious.

we always have 2 options in life

We always have two options in life: we can either live through our karma, trying to deal with it and work it out as it presents to us in challenges, difficulties, and problems, or we can work with our inner Higher Intelligence -- the power of Spirit within us -- to resolve it before it continues to manifest.

Spirit is always 100% willing to help you become clear, and my work is to help you to connect with that potential and to facilitate the deepest possible release of limiting programming from your soul.

this clearing work is more likely to help you if:

  • you are on a conscious spiritual path, you have done some conscious work on yourself already, and you regularly connect to Spirit within you through spiritual practice
  • you are ready to release blaming yourself, God, other people, and external circumstances as to why you are experiencing lack or limitation, blockages, or are feeling stuck in life
  • you are taking personal responsibility that the outcomes you are seeing in life are simply the "outpicturing" of your own consciousness, and you are willing to do the conscious work to shift your results

this clearing work is less likely to help you if:

  • you are looking for someone outside yourself to "fix" you or take away your problems
  • you believe your challenges are being caused by other people
  • you think you can manifest different results without first changing yourself