Frequently Asked Questions

will your clearing work help me?

This is a tricky question to answer, because ultimately only you can heal your own life.  No one else can do the inner work for you of being ready and willing to let go of the past and to open up.  But if you are indeed feeling the inward draw to release all past limitations, then I can step in as a healing facilitator to help move this process along, helping enable your soul to find its way to release all limiting subconscious programming.  I have performed tens of thousands of clearings over many years for people from all over the world, and truly bring my developed technique and a powerful commitment to fully showing up for you in our clearing sessions.  However the results of this work are beyond my ability to guarantee a particular outcome or timetable for you.

who is your ideal client?

My ideal client is someone who realizes that they are fully responsible for their experience of life, and that nothing is happening to them outside of their own consciousness.  My ideal client is ready to take full responsibility for themselves, and is ready to step into their full power as the abundant, joyful, free being they were created to be.  They have (or are willing to develop) a conscious committed spiritual practice where they can integrate the positive impact of our clearing sessions into their daily lives.

are you the one actually clearing my karma?

During clearing sessions, I work with the power of well-developed intuitive processes and my experience as a facilitator for tens of thousands of previous clearings to help read your subconscious database and soul records to determine what needs to be resolved at that time.  I also hold a strong, clear spaced based on my own personal spiritual practice and the experience and wisdom I've developed working with a wide variety of clients and situations. However, it is ultimately the power of your own connection with Spirit that actually does the clearing.

how long are your clearing sessions?

All clearings with me are 60-minutes in length.

do I have to be live on the phone or Skype with you during the clearing?

All of my clearings are done completely remotely, meaning that on the day of the clearing, we will not be on the phone or Skype together.  There is nothing in particular that you will need to do differently on the date or at the time of your clearing.  Just go about you day as normal, loosely aware that you are open and allowing of the highest intention to manifest in your clearing.

what will I receive after I've signed up for my clearing session?

On the date of your clearing, I will be remotely creating an audio recording for you, where I will be speaking to you the entire time, sharing with you guidance and issues that Spirit is revealing through me.  I will email this recording to you generally within 48 hours of the clearing session. After I've sent the clearing recording to you, you can listen to it when you are ready.  As you listen, depending on your level of energetic sensitivity and openness to receive, you will feel all the shifts and changes within yourself that have been created as a result of the clearing.  Listening to the clearing recording I've created is a form of you "downloading" the energy into your present-moment experience.

what will I experience as I listen to my clearing recording?

Sometimes there can be very physical sensations of heat, tingling, tiredness, or physical releasing processing of other kinds.  There can be emotions that rise to the surface to be felt during this time--both seemingly positive emotions and negative. Sometimes latent physical pain arises temporarily; sometimes people cry, feel angry, or have other emotional processing.  Most people find that, by the time we get to the end of the clearing recording, they are feeling like a deep layer has been lifted off of them, and that they have been raised into a greater experience of their connection with Spirit.

why do you recommend doing regular clearing work?

Much like any therapeutic process, this work works best when it's done with some amount of consistency over time.  It is not a magic bullet where I "fix" a particular problem you're having.  The basis of this work is that it is your own consciousness that has accidentally created whatever problem you are facing, and so, as you progressively surrender and release the causes of your current challenges, your soul will let go of what it's been holding onto, and the challenges you've been having will find their way into greater resolution.

I often recommend people do 1-2 clearings per month for at least several months.  Working more than that is also possible.  It's important to build momentum in this clearing work. Some work once per week.  Much like traditional psychotherapy or working out the physical body at the gym, we are engaging in a process of shift & change that transforms and resolves your consciousness progressively over time.

Is there anything I have to do to have a successful clearing session?

There is nothing you have to consciously do while you listen to the clearing session recording I will email you, other than simply breathing, relaxing, and being in an open, receptive state to the work.  At the beginning of the recording, I will simply ask you to relax, breathe, get comfortable, and continue to notice your internal sensations as we progress.  The more open and surrendered you are into the process of trusting your own spiritual connection during this time, & the more energetically sensitive you are, the more effective and palpable the work will be for you.

is there anything I can do after a clearing to enhance its benefits?

Ultimately, a clearing with me is an experience of "peak consciousness", where you may feel significant relief from your inner burdens.  But the freedom felt in these experiences may seem to fade if you are not engaging in daily conscious spiritual practice of some kind -- practices like meditation, affirmative prayer, yoga or qigong, spiritual reading & study, sacred service, and taking conscious action in alignment with your unique giftedness.  You need to continually cultivate your inner sacred channel of surrender and availability to Spirit in order to live life from this more elevated spiritual consciousness more of the time.

how many clearings will I need until my problem goes away?

This is a great question, but not something I can answer for you. Remember that the challenges you are facing in life are often the result of many interrelated issues swimming around in your subconscious, and the limiting present-moment decisions you may be continuing to make.  These issues have often been created over hundreds -- if not thousands -- of lifetimes.  There is no magic button we can push to take your problems away -- they have to be progressively resolved within your own consciousness, and this can take time and commitment.  Remember that in Spirit, there are no such things as "problems".  There is only a relative flow or restriction of spiritual consciousness.

what's the advantage of group clearings, pre-recorded clearings, versus individual sessions?

Individual clearing work gives us the most personalized way of identifying your blocks and resolving them.  That being said, the regular group clearing work I offer on this website can be very powerful to do in addition (or instead) or individual work, since that work is often recorded on full or new moon days and the power of the group energy often allows us to clear more deeply.  The pre-recorded clearings on this site are a very good place to start, as you're getting to know my work.

can you do clearings for my friends or family members (even without their knowledge)?

Best-case scenario, the person who is seeking clearing will directly get in contact with me.  But sometimes, we may want to offer clearing for our child, parent, significant other, friend, even pet, and that individual may not be consciously seeking the work themselves.  Is it possible to do clearing work still?  The answer is generally: yes.  Clearings can sometimes significantly impact people who are not even consciously aware they are happening.  In these scenarios, I will often not create an audio recording, so I can protect the person's privacy.  For a parent, I highly recommend getting clearings regularly for your child, as this will help them immensely in their growth.  If you are wondering whether a clearing will benefit another person, it might be best to contact me first.

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Remember: You ultimately don't have any "problems" --
only outcomes of consciousness

Ultimately, you have no "problems".  You are only ever experiencing outcomes of consciousness.  Yes, you may want to change things in your life, but the way to do that isn't by struggle, strain, fighting yourself and others, or trying to "fix" problems.  The way to transformation is -- and has always been -- to first love yourself enough to want to heal yourself.  Then, the path unfolds as one of continual surrender, opening, releasing, letting go of the past, and coming to greater and greater identification with your Oneness with Spirit.

You see, you are already One with Spirit right as you are in this moment.  You are already whole and healed at the fundamental level of your being right now, despite any circumstances that seem to contradict that.

That state of wholeness isn't always outpicturing because we've covered it over with all our limiting beliefs, accumulated, repeated, and intensified over many lifetimes -- but the way to healing any area of life has always been a greater expression and experience of What Is Already True about you.  It's a process of revealing, not "fixing".

As we clear and resolve your subconscious mind, you are in effect revealing more and more of your Innate Goodness to the surface, and that Innate Good can then outpicture into your life circumstances as greater abundance, greater experience of health, supportive relationships, increased coherence with your soul's purpose, and a greater daily sense of flow, ease, and joy.