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If you are new to my clearing work, I encourage you to take some time to watch this video, where I explain how my clearings work, and how they can benefit you:



Each month, I facilitate personal clearing sessions for individuals like you throughout the world. My purpose is to help identify & remove your spiritual blockages, release stuck energies you've picked up from others, repair damage your spirit may have carried around for lifetimes, and strengthen & liberate your natural state of well-being, joy, fulfillment, and flow.

This process brings you more into balance, into clarity, into relaxation, into joy, and into your natural state where Life feels easier for you, you feel less struggle, & more possibilities and solutions open for you.

What some of my clients are saying about their experiences after their recent clearings:

What some of my recent clients are saying about my clearing sessions:


  • I help identify and clear emotional, mental, and spiritual blockages that limit your natural state of authentic freedom

  • I help repair damage done to your spirit by others, in this life & in past lives

  • I help you get back into alignment with your natural state of flow & ease, where solutions come to you effortlessly, where healings of relationship, body, mind, and spirit happen spontaneously, and where you just feel good & optimistic about life

The first clearing I facilitate with someone, I recommend to be 60 minutes long, as there will be a very thorough amount of clearing we will accomplish in that clearing. 60 minutes of clearing is $150 USD.

I also offer 30-minute clearings for $102, geared for more ongoing work.

How Do Clearings Work

Sessions are done remotely, meaning that you choose your date and time (on the calendar above), but do not have to consciously do anything differently on the day of the clearing. We don't meet live over the phone or Skype.

Instead, on the date of the clearing, I sit in my office and facilitate the clearing on your behalf by making a recording of the clearing for you, then emailing you the recording generally by the end of that day.  When you listen to the recording, you will feel the entire session "download" into your energy field.  It will feel as if we were doing the clearing live and in person.

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Here's what some recent clients told me after their clearings:

"I absolutely smiled and laughed out loud in chuckles of KNOWING and conscious compliance to your requests to Spirit. The sensation was in zero time as you uttered the requests. I have a renewed sense of SOURCE, of self, of the fun feeling that is my soul. I feel my soul is actually a child of god, and a spark of effervescence. Everything you said regarding the releasing and changes that were occurring real-time was synchronistically coursing through me, and was a true surreal feeling, even though I listened to the session after you performed it." –April

"Hi Michael, I just finished listening to the session. I am speechless. I feel like a whole new person. It was wonderful and I’m so very grateful to you for this help. Usually I don’t feel much during a healing, but this time I felt it intensely. I feel like you picked me up and raised me out of dense darkness into the light. I smiled and cried and smiled again. I feel very different. Thank you very much again." All the best, --Carol

How do I know if I need a session?

  • if you're ready to be and do something amazing, but feel stuck or restricted with how to manifest the next step

  • if you're ready to experience the grace to live life fully, with the creative freedom to manifest the relationships, money, health, and destiny you choose, but you feel the weight of karma imposed on you by your ancestors and past lives

What kind of issues do you work with?

Many people come to me who are experiencing karmic relationship challenges, stuck energy around some past or current person or situation, or challenges letting go of karmic patterns in their family lineage.

I also work with those who feel psychically attacked by others, feel wounded and vulnerable – not knowing how to let go of the pain.

Many people I work with are also aware of having unclear, “too permeable” energetic boundaries, and they feel plagued by various types of spiritual entities, weird spirits, other people’s energies, and a general sense of suffering and negativity that they can’t seem to shake on their own.

Michael, That is the best session! Very thorough and very deep. I learned ideas to do in clearing my body. I know you went in to great depth to complete the most effective clearing and healing work I ever had. Thank you for searching. You saw it and you helped me look farther. I have been weak, sick, exhausted, hopeless, and lately the weakness was so harsh I wondered how long I was going to live. I had been very depressed. I am writing because you did not give up looking into my stuff. I am grateful. Thank you! Thank you for your in-depth search! –Vicki

What is a session with you like?

Let me let one of my clients answer that for you:

I felt a pulling on my energy. It felt like a lot of old energy was being removed. My heart felt warm. This may sound crazy but while doing the energy clearing with my ex, I felt sick. However at the same time I felt cleared and I felt a lot of old hurt and pain from our relationship going away. As always I appreciate the session. I do feel a lot of changes and shifting in my heart chakra. I know I am a work in progress but I do feel my life getting better and better after each session. Boy, we really needed this clearing session! I just appreciate being able to let go of hurt from my past relationship. I love your work, and if no one has told you, I appreciate all you do. Thank you, Michael. –Tammy

What you'll get

  • a 60 minute MP3 recording of our session (or 30 minute if you do a 30 minute clearing). This session is not done live over the phone, but is recorded remotely. During this session, I typically spend about 50% of the time doing a “reading” of your energy field, sharing with you all the intuitive insights about your soul that I am seeing. The other 50% is a clearing, healing, and repairing of your soul with the power of Spirit.
  • An opportunity to have e-mail interaction after the session, asking questions, offering feedback, and receiving my help in processing the session.

Michael is a kind, caring, and strong healer.  Michael’s deep connection and understanding of Spirit is outstanding and informative. Instead of telling you what to do or what you want to hear, Michael focuses on clearing/healing with helping you understand the situation, why to focus on certain areas before moving to others, always able to relate and bring in an educational element which is very important. Every session I have had, not only can I connect while listening with my conscious mind but also I can feel the clearing and healing while Michael does his amazing work before getting my recording. I’m now doing more advanced work with Michael, and the shifts within my life have been noticeable and incredible at the same time! I highly recommend Michael to all those who are guided to work with him or are new to this type of work. Thank you Michael for all you do, you are an amazing light worker and an Angel friend of mine.   Love and Light, Matt

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