These clearings will be performed entirely remotely, meaning there are no numbers for you to call, and nothing more you need to do after signing up.  I will email you an audio recording of the clearings typically within 24 hours after they are completed.

Invoke the Active Blessings of Material & Spiritual Wealth,
Health, & the Fulfillment of your Divine Purpose
in 5 Karma Clearings during July & August

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As infinite beings, we always have direct connection to Spirit.  Spirit is always present in Its fullness within our own selves, whether or not we are always aware of this Presence.

The big question is: how do we connect with and reveal That Which Is already within?

Doing spiritual clearing work during times of high astrologically-aligned energy provides a great opportunity to dive deeper into clearing the blocks to the Good that is always trying to emerge from within our being.  That Divine Good is the Reality of "All Needs Met", of health, of wealth, or healing.  We never have to acquire this stuff from outside sources -- all we ever have to do is to clear the blocks so that we can reveal and activate that Divine Life within us.

Will you join me this month?  Astrologically-speaking, the month from July 17 through August 16 is filled with the opportunity to connect with the Divine Power that fulfills all desires, that heals all dis-eases, the empowers our purpose.

This is the Divine Energy of Shakti, the Mother Goddess.  It is the active power of Spirit, the power of forward movement into our greatest yet-to-be.  It is the power to reveal the Divine Qualities within us.

If we could personify this Divine Goddess energy, She would appear to us like a powerful and loving mother, who can help us cut through our self-imposed limitations and who is holding the highest knowing for who we have always been and what our potential to reveal still is now.

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My heart gets so excited each month as I contemplate holding the highest space I know how for people I may never meet in person from all over the world.  These are truly special, powerful times.  I often consider these group clearings to be one of the most powerful expressions of my work.

In each of these clearings, we are going to align with the Divine Potential represented by the astrological energy of the day, then we are going to dive deep into your soul records, your karma, your akashic field -- all the past stuff that may be holding back your fullest expression of health, wealth, and fulfillment now -- and we are going to clear as much old stuff as your Higher Intelligence will allow us to that day, while we activate and saturate your being into the names, mantras, qualities, and principles of Perfect Divine Fulfillment, Healing, and Prosperity.

Friday, July 20: Invoking & Activating to the "Wealth-Bestower"
form of Spirit, the 108 Names of Lakshmi,
& the 108 Names of "The Banker of Heaven"

Friday, July 20: Invoking the "Wealth Bestower"
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Despite any current appearances in your life circumstances, the Spirit that created the stars and planets, that supplies every good thing in life, is actually fully present within you right now.  You are It!  Take a breath and let that in.

This Spirit is your essence, your life.  It doesn't need to be acquired -- it only needs to be activated, to be realized, to be embraced, and to be expressed.  You are on a path of doing that already.  Why not expand it more with this clearing?

Specially-timed during this month and day of auspicious highly-charged Goddess blessing energy, join us for this high-vibe prosperity activation and clearing.  We are going to initiate your consciousness into the special quality of the Divine Goddess in her "Wealth-Bestower" form.  Included in this clearing will be an activation into the 1000 names of Goddess Lalita, the 108 names of Lakshmi, and the 108 names of Lord Kubera (the banker of Heaven).  There is a Divine mandate from Spirit that you should manifest wealth!  You not only "could", but it is your Divine destiny that you "should".  Come experience this opening -- and prosper!

Friday, July 27: Obstacle-Removing Full Moon (Guru Purnima)
Clearing & Activation with the Masters

Friday, July 27: Obstacles-Removing Full Moon (Guru Purnima) Clearing and Activation with the Masters
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One of the most important Divine qualities is the ability to remove obstacles.

From the perspective of Spirit, what seem to be obstacles are always only temporary set-backs and learning experiences.  There are never any true and permanent "obstacles".

The Universe is never saying "no" to you, and is never holding back any form of Good from your experience.  Where there seems to be a "no", a shift in consciousness is required to be able to see what the guidance is, and to know how to re-enter the flow of Divine Grace.  So doing regular work to embrace and embody the Divine quality of obstacle-removal is essential for your continued expansion and development into your full potential.

Spirit has indicated that at least 200 million forms of obstacles will be removed for each person who joins this clearing, with the major theme of the obstacle-removing being around clearing the way for our ability to see ourselves as Divine Beings, with plenty of healthy self-esteem.  This is the essential groundwork, according to Spirit, for all success in life.

On this date, special obstacle-removing power is perhaps more powerful than any other time of the year.  This date is "Guru Purnima" -- one of the most powerful full moons of the year, and especially associated with receiving spiritual activations and initiations from Spiritual Masters.

On this date, the obstacle-removing power of the Goddess is coming into full availability, and we will activate and clear into full alignment with it.  We will also clear and activate to the consciousness and the 108 names of Lord Ganesha, whose obstacle-removing power is legendary.

In addition, over 1000 ascended masters have offered to work with us in particular to help clear and remove karmic and past-life obstacles that are restricting us from fully experiencing and expressing our True Divine Selves now.

Friday, August 3: Invoking the "Destroyer of Diseases" Health Activation & Clearing

Friday, August 3: Invoking the "Destroyer of Diseases" -- Health Activation & Clearing
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On this particular Friday during this auspicious month, a Goddess Archetype form known as the "Destroyer of Diseases" becomes highly activated.

Does it surprise you that we are using spiritual clearing work to help resolve health challenges?  Remember that your bodily health is an expression of your consciousness, and that health challenges always have their roots in unprocessed unresolved energies from this and from past lives.

This does not mean that it does not matter what we eat or what physical therapies we participate in -- but if we are running blocks to health and healing, we may not feel motivated, empowered, and resourced to fulfill our unique Divine Destiny of Health at all.

So it is essential for you to continually clear and resolve old programs while invoking the power of Higher Vibration Divine Archetypes of healing so that you can begin to express more of your innate Divine qualities of health.

This type of work can prevent health conditions before they manifest, because all health conditions express from the "need" of the soul to resolve certain issues that way.  By doing clearing work like we're going to do here, you resolve the issues in the soul first, preventing the need for a discordant physical manifestation (or for continued discordant physical manifestation).

Experiencing, revealing, and expressing higher amounts of Divine Health as your body and mind is a spiritual practice first.  It all starts with your consciousness, with your desire to be more free and fulfilled in the body.  It enables you to fulfill more of your unique potential.  Join us!

Friday, August 10: Clearing 47 Generations of Relationship Problems on the Most Powerful New Moon of the Year

Friday, August 10: Clearing 47 Generations of Relationship Problems on the Most Powerful New Moon of the Year
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Each month, the new moon day is considered by the ancient yogis to be the ideal date to do ancestral karma clearing, since the vibration of your ancestors is closest to the Earth vibrations on those days.

This new moon date, Friday August 10, is known as "Aadi Amavasya" and is one of the 3 energetically strongest new moons of the year.

If you are to be a free being, capable of living your full potential, it is essential for you to take advantage of the new moon days to do ancestral karma clearing work.

Even though each of souls carry personal karma from other lifetimes, working specifically to alleviate the suffering in your lineage can liberate your ancestors -- and yourself -- in unique ways.

You have inherited the freedom -- and the limitation -- within your lineage.  You can resolve much of this before it starts (or continues) to negatively affect you and your descendants by doing clearing work like this.

During this potent month of highly activated Goddess energy, this particular new moon contains within it the energetic opportunity for alleviating difficult relationship patterns that have been passed down through your ancestors.  Problems with intimacy, problems attracting a partner, relationship strengthening, removing relationship afflictions -- these are just some of the clearings we will be doing on this date.

Spirit has indicated to me that we will be working back 47 generations in your family lineage during this clearing.

We will be activating to particular God/Goddess forms during this clearing who will pour out their blessings upon you and your ancestors.

Don't miss this most powerful new moon date of the year!

Special Bonus August Clearing:

Thursday, August 16:  Debt Karma Clearing combined with
"Stabilization of Wealth" & Business Clearing

Thursday, August 16: Debt Clearing & Business Wealth Stabilization Clearing
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The special alignment of energies happening on August 16 doesn't happen very often.  The astrology is such that a window of opportunity for debt clearing will be open.  Not only that, but every 3 months, a 12-hour powerful window of activation becomes available where specific energies of stabilization in finances and business become activated for prospering and sustaining you.

This clearing will include a thorough clearing for your current or potential business.  Everyone needs this kind of work to be done regularly, because there can be all sorts of karma that you have accumulated in past lives -- and that you are creating now -- that can be limiting your full potential of living your purpose successfully in your work life.  We won't always know what this karma is, other than in its effects!

It's important to take advantage of this potent, rare window of Divine Grace where we will go deep into your soul to clear and resolve the old, and activate and stabilize you in the new.









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This type of deep karmic clearing work is progressive, and unfolds gradually over time as your soul continues to bring up old programming into the present for resolution.  So it is very important to keep doing this work regularly in order to keep resolving past-life energy as it arises, and to resolve new karma you may accidentally create in the present.

Remember, you are not just doing this work in order to fix a current problem -- you are doing it in order to be totally spiritual free.  And you can only achieve that by resolving all your karma.

In order to encourage you to keep doing this work, I have created a discounted subscription program.  You can include just yourself in all future group clearings (typically 2 per month), or you can include yourself and up to 4 additional members of your family in all upcoming clearings.

Your family members do not have to be consciously aware this work is happening.  This work will not be forced upon them in any way, but will be offered to their Higher Self much in the same way prayers can be offered to others without having to have their conscious permission.

This monthly program is the best way for you and your family to stay connect to this work and to gradually resolve all of your past karma.

Once you sign up, I will send you a confirmation email, then will automatically include you in all group clearings, emailing you the recordings within 24 hours after each one is completed.

I am currently only using Paypal for this subscription program.

My Monthly Group Clearing Program

Clearings twice per month -- typically full moon & new moon -- for you and your family

Welcome to my group clearing page, where each month I offer opportunities for you & your family to progressively release & resolve limiting subconscious blocks from this and past lives, so you can experience more of the flow of living in co-creative freedom with Spirit.

We each have had thousands of past lives where we have accumulated limiting soul programs. Those programs come to the surface regularly as limitations & challenges of all kinds.

Regular karma clearing work is essential for your growth, evolution, & freedom.

Please start by watching the video to the right.

Then scroll down  (or up) for more information and signup details about my upcoming group clearings.

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