Tues, March 12: Resolve the Most Intense "Worst Karma”
Lodged in the Second Chakra (Part 1 of 3)

Tues, March 12: Resolve the Most Intense "Worst Karma" Lodged in the Second Chakra (Part 1 of 3)
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In 2019, I am offering several group clearings that involve the most intense kind of past-life (or present-life) karma one can have.  This March 12 clearing is the first of a series of 3 clearings all focused on resolving the worst karma -- karma that involves or gets deposited into the second chakra.

If you are wondering why nothing you do is changing your situation in life, in addition to doing my Ganesha clearings, I highly recommend this series of second chakra karma clearings.

(The other 2 group clearings will deepen the work of this first clearing, and expand upon it. They take place on September 3 and on December 31)

So many themes of life and of spiritual evolution directly involve the second chakra (located just below the navel): sexuality, creativity, inner power, spiritual potential as represented by the kundalini energy, relationships, being in the flow, and others.  It's no wonder that some of the most challenging experiences we have had in this and other lifetimes can negatively affect this area, and the karmic imprints can remain lodged here.

This energy center is the karmic storehouse for negative karma of all kinds: extreme and intractable poverty, bad business karma, debt karma, and sexual karma.  Situations of deep and often extreme trauma created this kind of karma, and now, by retaining this unresolved karma in the soul and in the second chakra, it can feel very difficult to pull out of it.  It can feel like we are trying everything in our power to change our situation, and yet nothing works.

This clearing is being scheduled at a very precise timing, to help us go deep into resolving this worst karma.  March 12 is a Tuesday, an auspicious day for working with Mars karma.  It is also aligned with the 6th waxing moon phase, which is an auspicious day for Muruga, the powerful Divine Archetypal Energy that can help us resolve the karma of these issues.

In this clearing, we are going to focus on resolving the deepest problematic karma affecting the second chakra, including:

  1. resolve bad job karma

  2. clear karma that is restricting your business

  3. clear karma that created debts for you and is making it hard to resolve them

  4. resolve past-life poverty, extreme poverty, and how this karmic weight is making it more difficult for you to succeed in this life

  5. resolve sexual karma of all kinds

  6. resolving as many of the full past lives you had where you had these experiences at all

  7. do a karmic clearing of the 6 mantras represented by the 6 petals of the second chakra

  8. working with the angels and etheric healing teams to repair the energy of the second chakra, and to repair and heal all associated physical anatomy and physiology

  9. karma clearing with Archetype Muruga to resolve the 6 internal karmic sins: anger, delusion, arrogance, lust, avarice, envy

  10. resolving the karma associated with the 108 names of planet Mars

  11. resolving blocks and "installing" the consciousness of the 16,000 verse karma-clearing hymn "Thiruppugazh", to help us get to the root of these karmic issues

  12. resolving the karma associated with the 108 names of Muruga 

Thursday, April 4 (New Moon):
Clearing the Karmic Impact for us of the Worst Past-Life Deeds our Ancestors Committed through 53 Generations (Part 1 of 2)

Many people have an inner sense that they may have been either the victim or perpetrator (or both) of very intense forms of past-life events.

In the Vedic tradition, this type of karma has been organized into a named pattern of deep karmic affliction known as "Brahmahatya dosha".

If any of these deepest forms of karmic sins is a part of your past (or part of the past for your ancestors), it may be very difficult for you to make progress in this lifetime, despite your best efforts.

We will be performing this work on the new moon, which is the most important day of the month for doing ancestral karma clearing work.

This clearing is specifically focused on resolving this deep karmic affliction for 53 generations of our ancestors, which is the number of generations my guidance suggests will be optimum for this group on this particular date.

During this April 4 clearing, we will be focusing on the ancestral components of this deep karmic affliction. On Monday, June 3, I will be offering part 2 of this clearing, this time focused on your own personal past lives.

This type of karmic affliction can be very intense, and it will be highly beneficial to work through different aspects of it over the course of these 2 clearings.

In this clearing, we are going to clear as much karma for 53 generations of your ancestors (and their past lives) as possible around these karmic and past-life topics:

  • killing those about to attain enlightenment

  • parent(s) wanted to or tried to abort fetus

  • other forms of intentional death

  • poisoning

  • tampering with or prohibiting the spiritual development process of others

  • hurting people

  • abusing our power over others

  • dishonoring teachers

  • withholding help from the needy

  • denying water and food from the needy

  • abusing people (especially women, the poor, children, the developmentally disabled, and the disadvantaged)

These types of past-life (and present-life) events are classically described in this form of deep karmic affliction.

We will be working with clearing both the victim and the perpetrator aspects of these karmic deeds for 53 generations of your ancestors and for their past lives.

This clearing (and the one following it on June 3) are very important to ensure your karmic freedom in this life and beyond.

Mon, April 29: Clearing Deepest Saturn Karma Causing Procrastination, Career Difficulties, & Money Blocks,
& Optimum Clearing Time with Kubera, the "Banker of Heaven"

On April 29, the planet Saturn will be going retrograde until September 18.

Saturn is one of the most karmically significant and difficult planets.  He is also the most important planet in the horoscope.

Saturn represents limitation and restriction.  He represents our deepest fears and worries. He represents delays in our good showing up, but through those delays, he helps to develop our inner discipline, responsibility, and self-control so that we can be better prepared for living an authentic, spiritually-aligned life, with ample material resources as well.

This clearing is designed to help quicken and facilitate the inner learning experience by helping resolve Saturn karma, so we can make faster progress in career.

The energy of Saturn asks the questions: What do I fear most?  What do I worry about?  What restricts or limits me?

When spiritual clearing work is performed during these first few hours of the Saturn Retrograde movement, it presents the perfect opportunity for us to acknowledge our present blocks and limitations, and to do inner work with the energy of Saturn to help us empower our lives.

You see, energetically Saturn controls our profession, and also controls gains from the jobs we do.

Saturn represents the Great Teacher within us.  Our efforts are often long and hard, but if we can be persistent with our inner development and outer application, Saturn guarantees we will see results.  It is said in ancient texts that "what Saturn gives you, no other planet can take away".

In this clearing, we will work directly with clearing and revealing more of the healed forms of Saturn's energy, especially around procrastination, work life challenges, and financial blocks.

We cannot just "clear these problems away from you".  Saturn's energy ensures that you will have to develop all the qualities within you that ensure you authentically and spiritually deserve what you are aiming for.  In this clearing, we will accelerate that process by helping you to process and clear your past and present life karma more quickly, thus resulting in faster progress in your career (assuming you also continue to take inspired action).

Also, this Date is "Ekadasi", the Peak Clearing Time to activate to Kubera, “the Banker of Heaven”

This timing of Monday April 29 also happen to coincide with another powerful monthly time known as "Ekadasi", which is the time when the energy of the Archetype known as Kubera comes alive for blessing and clearing.  Kubera is known as the "banker of heaven", and by clearing our karma during this auspicious time, and activating into the consciousness of Kubera, we can open ourselves to be a better conduit for the limitless abundance of the Universe to reach us.

I want to present at least 2 opportunities in 2019 in which we will do specific karma clearing and activating work around Kubera, because he is a very important archetype to work with to increase your wealth.

In this clearing, we will:

  • clear our relationship and inner connection to Spirit

  • resolve karmic energies now showing up as Saturn restriction and limitation into greater flow and opportunity

  • clear Saturn-based procrastination karma

  • resolve past life vows and suppressed energies in which we were stuck in dead-end careers, or didn't get to actualize our dreams at all

  • resolve past-life vows we made to block our own career progress, and to “never do that again” (meaning work that is the result of our inner spiritual development)

  • resolve and clear our blocking karma associated with the 108 sacred mantras of Saturn

  • resolve and clear our limiting karma associated with the 108 sacred names of Hanuman (who is the Archetypal ruler of Saturn)

  • clear karma of fear and delayed blessings

  • clear karmic blocks to discipline, self-control, and self-responsibility

  • clear karmic blocks to our ability to envision and enact our soul's purpose on Earth

  • clear the karma we are carrying that limits the fullest expression and activation of the 108 sacred mantras of Kubera, the banker of heaven, from expressing through us

  • clear the karma of the belief "I can never get ahead in my profession"

  • clear the karma of the belief "I always have more expenses than income"

  • clear karma to increase the amount of income we can handle

  • clearing relationship with work colleagues, past and present

  • clear limiting "work beliefs" you may have inherited from your ancestors, thought to yourself, or picked up from co-workers and teachers

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This type of deep karmic clearing work is progressive, and unfolds gradually over time as your soul continues to bring up old programming into the present for resolution.  So it is very important to keep doing this work regularly in order to keep resolving past-life energy as it arises, and to resolve new karma you may accidentally create in the present.

Remember, you are not just doing this work in order to fix a current problem -- you are doing it in order to be totally spiritual free.  And you can only achieve that by resolving all your karma.

In order to encourage you to keep doing this work, I have created a discounted subscription program.  You can include just yourself in all future group clearings (typically 2 per month), or you can include yourself and up to 4 additional members of your family in all upcoming clearings.

Your family members do not have to be consciously aware this work is happening.  This work will not be forced upon them in any way, but will be offered to their Higher Self much in the same way prayers can be offered to others without having to have their conscious permission.

This monthly program is the best way for you and your family to stay connect to this work and to gradually resolve all of your past karma.

Once you sign up, I will send you a confirmation email, then will automatically include you in all group clearings, emailing you the recordings within 24 hours after each one is completed.

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Welcome to my group clearing page, where each month I offer opportunities for you & your family to progressively release & resolve limiting subconscious blocks from this and past lives, so you can experience more of the flow of living in co-creative freedom with Spirit.

We each have had thousands of past lives where we have accumulated limiting soul programs. Those programs come to the surface regularly as limitations & challenges of all kinds.

Regular karma clearing work is essential for your growth, evolution, & freedom.

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