Friday, October 25, at 5:30 pm

The Cosmic "Divine Physician" Comes Down to Heal You:
The Peak Once-Per-Year Time for Clearing Deep Bad Health Karma Preventing You From Healing; Best Time for Receiving Activations to Reveal & Restore Divine Health in your Body

If you want to experience health in your physical world, you have to first reveal the consciousness of health within yourself.

Inner blocks are what prevent us from seeing possibilities, and from having an inner will that supersedes all diagnoses.

Inner blocks are what keep us from being receptive to the spontaneous healing power of the Divine.

The Divine is only all-healing, all-the-time. Where the Divine is, healing is. Where the Divine is blocked or restricted, dis-ease is. Herein lies the mystery of all spiritual healing. How do we access more of our innate Divine healing potential?

In fact, diagnosis and prognosis themselves can become forms of inner blocks that prevent you from healing.

When a medical professional tells you "there's no cure", or "people don't recover from what you have", it means simply that they are trying to draw you into their world of limited possibilities.

People heal from problematic health conditions all the time. There has been someone in the world who has healed from every conceivable condition, and someone who has done so at every stage of the condition. If this is true, you can also heal. If you want to heal, you have to keep your inner consciousness clear. This takes work. It will not happen automatically for really anyone.

If you are experiencing conditions that seem difficult to resolve, it is because the consciousness of healing has not yet been fully revealed within you. There are still doubts, there is still old karmic programming, there are still inner barriers.

In order for healing to manifest, you have to get more in tune with Spirit Within You as the Source of your healing.

This is why people pray when they need healing. What they are wanting is an activation of a Higher Consciousness, something that isn't limited by a greedy pharmaceutical paradigm. They intuitively know that, in order to heal, they are going to have to explore and reveal a fuller expression of the Divine within them.

This doesn't mean that by doing a clearing such as we will do, you are somehow making a deal with God. "I'll do this clearing, and you need to fix me". Healing doesn't work that way. God isn't a person who is currently withholding healing from you. God is the very Divine Presence of healing that you can, right where you are, reveal with greater depth.

When you do a clearing like this, your inner landscape begins to change. Automatically, when you are creating, and what you are attracting, begins to change. You open yourself to spontaneous miracles. But you have to embrace that new healing inner landscape, and run with it so you can demonstrate your healing in the physical world, in most cases. You still have to show up fully in your healing process, and continuously take positive inspired action.

This doesn't mean begging some spiritual being or angel to heal you.

We all know that doesn't work.

In Spirit, in the Truth of Who You Are, all healing has already been given.

It is actually already your essence right in this moment, whether you're aware of it or not.

It is we who have to cut through the karmic clutter, and awaken to the deeper Reality of what Spirit-as-you is already doing.

As your relationship with Spirit Within grows and deepens, the path of health and healing is spontaneously revealed to you.

Your body and mind is lifted into a more receptive vibration of healing simply by continuing to do your inner work of awakening.

Healing is what Spirit wants to do in your life, just like Prosperity and Success and Fulfillment and Harmony are what Spirit is wanting to also express as YOU.

This is our work in the group clearing I will be facilitating in the evening of Friday October 25. This date was chosen because astrologically the stars and planets have aligned in such a way that, in the Vedic tradition of India, which was created over thousands of years by great masters who sensed how the movements of the stars and planets could help us with healing, they consider this day to be the "birthday of the Divine Consciousness of health", so the potential for deep health karma release is increased.

This day is known as Dhanvantari Jayanti, of the birthday of Dhanvantari, the Divine Archetype of Health and Healing. It happens once a year, 2 days before Diwali, on the 13th moon phase, which is a date highly-charged with karma-clearing energy. It doesn't matter if you have heard of this being. It's all just energy, and it's available to you now.

So taking advantage of this energetic opportunity is very important for releasing health conditions of all kinds, and also for ensuring blessings of health into the future.

If your soul is awake and in higher connection to Spirit, healing becomes available to you.

All healing is ultimately spiritual healing, because healing always involves an awakening of inner consciousness in some way.

In this clearing, we are going to clear old limiting health karma of all kinds, lifetimes in which you have been sick, plans to experience challenging health in this life, and any desires to limit your self-expression through more suffering and pain.

We are also going to help reveal within your being more of your Innate Divine Essence of Health, and many Divine Qualities of wholeness and healing.

So join us for this clearing. Be sure to include your family.

In this group clearing we are going to begin by performing sacred karma-clearing work for you by utilizing the power of the following sacred vortexes:

  • Lord Ganesha Powerspot for Obstacle Removal: Thiruvalanchuli Temple in Kumbakonam

  • God Shiva powerspot for healing and health blessings: Alangudi Temple in Kumbakonam

  • Swetharanyeswarar Koli for curing nerve diseases: Vaitheeswaran Temple in Kumbakonam (Shiva bestows healing and health blessings)

  • Sri Vanchinadha Swamy Temple of Lord Yama to overcome fear of death: Thiruvenkadu Temple in Kumbakonam

  • Planet Mercury Powerspot to Improve Intelligence and Knowledge: Srivanjiyam Temple in Kumbakonam

  • Amritaghateswara-Abirami Temple to achieve victory over death: Thirukkadaiyur Temple in Kumbakonam

  • Sri Pralayakaleswarar temple for curing ailments: Pennadam Temple in Pennadam

  • Lord Shiva temple for curing diseases: Maruntheeswarar Temple in Chennai (Shiva as the Lord of medicine)

We are then going to perform in full the following extended sacred karma-clearing ceremony:

  • We will perform a 21-point "Dhanvantari Puja" karma clearing to invoke the Divine Grace of this High-Level Spiritual Archetype, and to clear bad health karma

We will then activate the "Five Hymns of Praise" within your consciousness. These are traditional activations to help alleviate bad health karma:

1. Purusha Suktam (Praise of the Cosmic Being)

2. Narayana Suktam (Praise of the Universal Form)

3. Vishnu Suktam (Praise of the Preserver)

4. Sri Suktam (Praise of the Fertile Mother)

5. Durga Suktam (Praise of the Problem Solving Mother)

  • We will then activate within your consciousness the 1008 names of the Supreme Universal Preserver Archetype Vishnu, who can create an invisible protection ring that safeguards your health and well-being. Dhanvantari is an incarnation of Vishnu.

  • We are then going to spend time activating the 108 sacred mantras/names of Dhanvantari, the Divine Physician. His traditional mantras, channeled over thousands of years, have very substantial healing power when activated in this way.

We will the clear your subconscious of the following limiting "health curses" that may be limiting your progress in healing, and your ability to transcend the spiritual need for illnesses in the future:

  • there's no cure

  • morphic field identification and resonance with everyone else who "has" your condition, creating further difficulty in healing

  • that's terminal

  • You have ___ months/years to live

  • things will keep getting worse for you

  • what you have is chronic, and will never go away

  • what you have is "progressive"

  • healing is going to take lots of time and lots of money

  • you won't be able to afford the types of treatments you need

  • the doctor knows everything, but you are just an "amateur"

  • people don't recover from what you have

  • you actually have a "disease" that is affecting you

  • you just have bad genes

  • you have high risk-factors for _____

  • you have a family history of ____

  • I'll never heal.

  • I don't have the money, time, or energy to heal.

Clearing specific forms of health karma:

  • clearing the karma (soul memories) of past lives in which you have been sick, and lifetimes in which you wanted to be sick

  • clearing ancestral memories in your soul genetics affecting "gene expression"

  • clearing plans you soul may be making now to get sick in the future so your soul can "grow" and "learn"

Much dis-ease stems from not having the courage to face past or present emotional issues, such as past ways in which we were abused, not asserting our Truth in present dysfunctional relationships, abdicating our authority to Divinely choose our life path and career. We may even unconsciously create illness so that our ability to assert our Truth and to actually choose is taken from us. Very often, our bodies will not heal if we don't address the energetic "leaks" in our life. So, even as we do this clearing, I encourage you to ask: what do I need to face in life, that may be blocking my full health and healing?

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Remember, you are not just doing this work in order to fix a current problem -- you are doing it in order to be totally spiritual free.  And you can only achieve that by resolving all your karma.

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