This clearing will take place on Saturday, March 17 (the new moon) at approximately 8pm Eastern US Time.

Saturday, March 17 (the new moon):
Clearing Your Relationship to
Your Mother

This clearing will take place on Saturday, March 31 (the full moon) at approximately 8pm Eastern US Time.

Saturday, March 31 (the full moon):
Clearing Your Relationship to
Your Father

Our relationship to our mothers -- biological, adoptive, or the mythical "mother" -- represent our capacity for self-esteem, health, inclusion, nourishment, prosperity, compassion, seeing beauty in self and others, and for seeing life as either supportive of our highest good, or as a hardship, struggle, and strain.

Our relationships to our fathers -- biological, adoptive, or the mythical "father" principle -- represent our connection to power, understanding, authority, our professional life, internal strength, and our capacities for manifestation.

Our mothers and fathers are the first representations to our young selves of what "God" looks like, and the beliefs and patterns our parents presented to us often get deeply etched into our unconscious, creating a confidence, empowerment, and zest for creation and manifestation -- or more often than not, self-doubt, fear, anxiety, worry, self-consciousness, and reinforced belief in our limitations and the fundamental "lack" of the world.

Every person I have ever worked with has needed clearing in their relationships to their mothers and fathers, even if they never knew these individuals, or even if they have passed.  Our mother's and father's energies are wrapped up in our consciousness right now, helping to create a sense of freedom in life, or a sense of restriction -- a sense that life is essentially good, or that life is to be feared.

I strongly encourage you to participate in both of these clearings.  In these clearings, we will be able to resolve a substantial layer of strongly-influential subconscious programming due to your relationships with your parents, and this will set the stage for greater freedom, joy, and fulfillment in your life today.

My Monthly Group Clearing Program

Clearings twice per month -- full moon & new moon -- for you and your family

Welcome to my group clearing page, where each month I offer opportunities for you & your family to progressively release & resolve limiting subconscious blocks from this and past lives, so you can experience more of the flow of living in co-creative freedom with Spirit.

We each have had thousands of past lives where we have accumulated limiting soul programs. Those programs come to the surface regularly as limitations & challenges of all kinds.

Regular karma clearing work is essential for your growth, evolution, & freedom.

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