Clearing the Karmic Impact for us of the Worst Past-Life Deeds our Ancestors Committed through 53 Generations

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Clearing the Karmic Impact for us of the Worst Past-Life Deeds our Ancestors Committed through 53 Generations


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Originally recorded on the New Moon, April 4, 2019

Many people have an inner sense that they may have been either the victim or perpetrator (or both) of very intense forms of past-life events.

In the Vedic tradition, this type of karma has been organized into a named pattern of deep karmic affliction known as "Brahmahatya dosha".

If any of these deepest forms of karmic sins is a part of your past (or part of the past for your ancestors), it may be very difficult for you to make progress in this lifetime, despite your best efforts.

We will be performing this work on the new moon, which is the most important day of the month for doing ancestral karma clearing work.

This clearing is specifically focused on resolving this deep karmic affliction for 53 generations of our ancestors, which is the number of generations my guidance suggests will be optimum for this group on this particular date.

During this April 4 clearing, we will be focusing on the ancestral components of this deep karmic affliction. On Monday, June 3, I will be offering part 2 of this clearing, this time focused on your own personal past lives.

This type of karmic affliction can be very intense, and it will be highly beneficial to work through different aspects of it over the course of these 2 clearings.

In this clearing, we are going to clear as much karma for 53 generations of your ancestors (and their past lives) as possible around these karmic and past-life topics:

  • killing those about to attain enlightenment

  • parent(s) wanted to or tried to abort fetus

  • other forms of intentional death

  • poisoning

  • tampering with or prohibiting the spiritual development process of others

  • hurting people

  • abusing our power over others

  • dishonoring teachers

  • withholding help from the needy

  • denying water and food from the needy

  • abusing people (especially women, the poor, children, the developmentally disabled, and the disadvantaged)

These types of past-life (and present-life) events are classically described in this form of deep karmic affliction.

We will be working with clearing both the victim and the perpetrator aspects of these karmic deeds for 53 generations of your ancestors and for their past lives.

This clearing (and the one following it on June 3) are very important to ensure your karmic freedom in this life and beyond.