Resolve 25 forms of Karma on Shivaratri, the most Powerful Night of the Year for Karma Clearing


Resolve 25 forms of Karma on Shivaratri, the most Powerful Night of the Year for Karma Clearing


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(This clearing was recorded on Shivaratri, 2019)

Considered to be the most sacred night of the year for clearing karma, Maha Shivaratri is happening this year on the evening of Monday, March 4. It is the most sacred time of the year for invoking the Archetype known as Shiva, who is literally the personification of the power to remove karma.

Traditionally, Shiva is often feared because he is considered to be the "god of destruction". However, the only thing he is destroying is our karma! So his energy is very important. Without this archetypal energy of destruction, we would be lost.

Shiva is the very embodiment of the phrase "the spiritual path is ultimately all about subtraction, not about addition". We are already whole, complete, and abundant at our core. It is the Shiva energy that helps us to remember that by progressively helping us to clear our illusion and our karma, so we can remember Who We Are.

It is also said that doing prayer, meditation, or spiritual clearing work on this night is of equivalent benefit to years of meditation at other times.

During this group clearing, we are going to take advantage of this peak time of the year to clear your karma and to reveal more of Shiva Consciousness within your being.

Remember that Shiva is an aspect of consciousness that is irrespective of religious affiliation.

We are all looking to be free of our inner restrictions (karma) so that we can succeed and enjoy life! By receiving the gifts of Shiva on this night, we can empower ourselves to do that.

In a somewhat new way of working for me, during this clearing, we are going to be invoking the karma clearing potential of 25 Shiva temples, and using this energy in conjunction with this most powerful timing to help us resolve 25 different aspects of karma. These temples intensely anchor in specific frequencies of healing energy that are difficult to access otherwise on the earthplane.

In this precisely-timed group clearing, we are going to clear your present and past-life karma, and reveal the blessings within our consciousness as represented in these 25 themes associated with the 25 ancient Shiva temples:

long-life and healing of the karma of neurological issues

resolving relationship challenges and upgrading job situation

increased vitality and reputation clearing

resolving north and south planetary node bad karma (the astrological indicators representing your past-life karma, and your spiritual and career progress in this life)

spiritual roots of debt clearing, ancestral clearing, mental clearing, right relationship attraction

revealing greater health, resolving legal issues

strengthening and enhancing life reliance

overcoming difficulties

clearing problems with Mars, relationship clearing

resolves past karma

heals relationships, and supports children succeeding

disease resolution

clears long-term relationship blocks, illness healing

clears Mars affliction, helps with shyness

marriage blocks cleared

karma affecting the heart cleared

mental balancing, illness healing, overall peace in family life

enhanced power for manifestation

clearing karma of learning and education

clearing karma for positive vision and eye strength

supporting the power of manifestation

debt clearing, obstacle clearing in relationship, child clearing

clears karma in relationship attraction

resolves "enemy" issues

prosperity clearing