Ganesha's Birthday: Activation and Clearing to the 32 Forms of Ganesha Blessing


Ganesha's Birthday: Activation and Clearing to the 32 Forms of Ganesha Blessing


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Ganesha's birthday: Remove Obstacles, and Activate into 32 Forms of Blessing

In the East, there are specific times of the year when the gods get "born". These dates are specifically discerned by the ancient yogis as occasions when the Cosmic Energy is especially available for clearing our consciousness, and for helping us more fully embody Divine Blessings of all kinds.

In this recording (made on Ganesha’s birthday in 2018), we are holding a group clearing where we will enliven the the sacred energy of Ganesha within ourselves, on this, Ganesha's birthday.

It is not my view that the various gods are separate beings from us, from whom we need to beg to acquire things. Rather, they are internal potentials within us no matter our cultural or religious heritage, and they are always seeking to be born and to be more fully expressed.

So in this sacred clearing, we have the opportunity to witness a greater Ganesha consciousness being birthed as our own lives.

And what does Ganesha represent? Historically he represents especially the ability to removing obstacles of all kinds.

In this clearing, we are going to awaken within you specifically the 32 ancient forms of Ganesha.

These forms are sacred names and mantras that carry power to heal your life, and their descriptions include aspects such as happiness, faith, courage to face challenges, prosperity, health, wisdom, success, control over the mind, spiritual upliftment, the ability to fulfill desires, clearing karmic debts, internal and external well-being, mental wellness, removing fear, and many others.

We will also be clearing, activating, and resolving within you the 8 "incarnations" of Ganesha. These 8 spiritual principles represent the descent of the highest Divine Consciousness into the world of form. If you are running blocks at any of these levels, they will show up as blocks to your experience of good in your physical life now.

Ganesha represents the principle that when you are in tune with the Divine, you have everything -- what seemed to be obstacles get removed, and you realize your true inner resourcefulness in all situations.