Clearing Past-Life Trauma Programs

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Clearing Past-Life Trauma Programs


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Do you ever wonder what makes you do what you do--even when you know better?

“Trauma” in the sense in which we’re using it here means any painful experience with a high negative charge on it.  Traumas, in this sense, are the highly negatively-charged memories of the past.

Most of us are carrying tremendous amounts of such trauma energy, established in literally every single one of our past and present lifetimes.  This type of energy can explain a great deal about our blown-out-of-proportion reaction to even mild life triggers now.

When tremendous fear or anxiety gets triggered in your life by even mildly stressful circumstances, you can bet there is deeper energy of past-life trauma beneath it.

Join me in this 71-minute clearing of past-life trauma energy.  Spirit specifically dictated that this clearing focus on 8 areas of trauma, and we cleared on all 8 of them during this recording.  The 8 areas of trauma we cleared during this recording are:

  1. betrayal
  2. lying
  3. child abuse
  4. conflict
  5. cruelty
  6. domineering
  7. envy
  8. failure