Clearing & Resolving the Heart Chakra & Emotional Body to the Level of Forgiveness & Acceptance

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Clearing & Resolving the Heart Chakra & Emotional Body to the Level of Forgiveness & Acceptance


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One of the biggest blocks to wealth, health, manifestation, relationship, and a inner sense of well-being is unresolved emotional energy stagnant in the heart and emotional body.

No matter how much spiritual work someone has done, they may not see the results they are looking for if their heart center and emotional body is not sufficiently cleared and raised in consciousness.

Though spiritual clearing work done on our behalf can never do our conscious work for us, doing clearing work for the specific purpose of opening the heart and raising the consciousness of the emotional body can make our conscious work easier, and can help us to get our manifestation channels unstuck.

In this 1 hour 32 minute group clearing, recorded originally on the powerful full moon in July 2017, we are going to endeavor to clear all participants' heart centers and overall emotional bodies to the level of consciousness called "350".  On the David Hawkins scale of consciousness, this is a very high level, associated with forgiveness and acceptance.

In my personal clearing work, when someone is able to achieve this level or higher specifically in the consciousness of their heart chakra and emotional body, they often will feel completely empowered, like a weight has been lifted off of them, and with that level of open-heartedness, they will feel released, available, and receptive to their Good, ready to open and share their gifts with others, and deeply appreciative of what their past pain has taught them

Huge amounts of depression, anger, sadness, abandonment, and grief consciousness must be resolved in order to reach this level, but as that energy gets resolved, people often feel better than they have in their entire lives.

Warning about this clearing:  if you are not really sure if you are willing to truly face and resolve your old emotional patterns, this is not the clearing for you.  Invoking a clearing of the heart to this high of a level will definitely shake loose old emotional patterns, and there may be further clearing or other conscious work needed after this clearing is completed.